Synonyms for Split:


disjoint (adjective)
Disassociated, segregated, disjoint, detached, sliced, parted, disunited, fissured, divorced, disarticulated, separated, unhinged, dissociated, scissored, dissected, rent, broken, uncoupled, fragmented, unfixed, unglued, severed, Disengaged, cleaved, dismantled, Halved, Disintegrated, Excised, cut, Bisected, disassembled, incised, disconnected, Sundered, divided, partitioned.
divergent (adjective)
spread, divergent, Dispersing, Deflecting, separate.
halved (adjective)
halfway, severed, cut, Bisected, cleaved, carved, divided, branching, forked, halve, bifurcated, fissured, half.
notched (adjective)
slit, indented, Scored, Nicked, incised, gashed, Jogged, serrated, chinked, notched, cut, cracked.
portioned (adjective)
Pieced, half, sliced, Zoned, segmented, shared, measured, allotted, fraction, Portioned, subdivided, budgeted, apportioned, rationed, partitioned, Parceled, cut, compartmented, Dismembered, divided.


come away, draw out, move on, abandon. gymnast, acrobatic, headstand, cartwheel, gymnastics, acrobatics, Chakra, handstand, gymnastic, horse. a war of words, conflict, fight, dispute, quarrel, carve, disagreement, controversy, argument, confrontation, misunderstanding, assemble. help, rationing, segmentation, diffusion. distinction, divergence, contrast, a world of difference, diversity, contradiction, run, difference, collision, variation, variety. take down, screen off. injure, participate, disable, wound, politics, burn, secede, harm, bruise, splinter, strain. crumble, continue. blister, go away, withdraw, blow, retire, shove off, leave, breakage, get off, burnout, blemish, push off, chip, quit, pull out, cut out, exit, approach, blight, get away. slim down, abandon ship, like rats deserting a sinking ship, desert. allotment (noun)
allocation, quota, percentage, piece, proportion, commission, stake, lot, allotment, allowance, dispensation, quantum, assignment, apportionment, chunk, stipend.
bisection (noun)
dichotomy, half-and-half, hemisphere, bifurcation.
difference, disunion (noun)
estrangement, divergence, schism, break, partition, alienation.
discord (noun)
disjunction (noun)
alienation, cleavage, bisection, division, dissociation, disconnection, separation, Disarticulation, disengagement, detachment, fissure, incision, amputation, disintegration, disunity, segregation, dissection, disassembly, disassociation.
gap (noun)
notch (noun)
indent, indentation, gap, serration, jog, crevice, nick, gash, chink, notch, score.
opening (noun)
cleft, rupture, fissure, separation, slit, cleavage, gap, chink, rent, rip, division, tear, rift.
portion (noun)
half, helping, dividend, subdivision, interest, compartment, member, fraction, bit, sector, stock.
separation (noun)
estrangement, isolation, rift.
severance (noun)
split (noun)
burst, injured, divide, dissever, part, rent, fragmented, break, disunited, carve up, cut, schism, disconnected, rive, split up, rip, separate, stock split, tear, cleave, break open, divided, broken.


allot (verb)
allocate, apportion, allow, portion, measure, dispense, share, Mete, distribute, assign, ration, segment, allot, earmark, parcel, set, give, budget, deal.
allotted (verb)
allotted, dispensed, assigned, Gave, Dealt, rationed, budgeted, allocated, segmented, distributed, Meted, Parceled, apportioned, shared, Earmarked, Portioned, Allowed, given, measured.
break up, pull apart (verb)
burst, sever, part, branch, disjoin, rend, separate, bifurcate, disunite, dissever, divorce, cleave, diverge, divide, splinter, fork, sunder, rive.
dissociate (verb)
disconnect, rend, insulate, sever, sunder, part, detach, rupture, disjoin, disassociate, break, fragment, cleave, alienate, divorce, uncouple, divide, disengage, excise, halve, segregate, separate, dissociate, dismantle, disunite, partition.
dissociated (verb)
cleft, dissociated, divided, broken, severed, detached, rent, alienated, fragmented, Disassociated, disconnected, disjoined, disunited, segregated, ruptured, cleaved, divorced, parted, separated, partitioned, uncoupled, Sundered, Insulated, Excised, broke, Halved, dismantled, Disengaged.
diverge (verb)
veer, deflect, diverge, disperse, spread.
diverged (verb)
Deflected, Diverged, Veered, dispersed.
divide into parts (verb)
allot, carve up, apportion, halve, distribute, slice, allocate, share.
divorce (verb)
disunite, divorce, separate.
divorced (verb)
disunited, divorced, separated.
halve (verb)
tear, bifurcate, fork, branch, slit.
halved (verb)
branched, slitted, forked, torn, tore, fissured, bifurcated, Rented.
notch (verb)
notched (verb)
cleaved, gashed, slitted, serrated, Scored, cut, notched, indented, chinked, incised, Nicked, cracked.
portion (verb)
dismember, subdivide, zone, compartmentalize.
portioned (verb)
chunked, compartmentalized.
separate (verb)
amputate, cut, bisect, scissor, remove, dissect, Unglue, disaffiliate, estrange, disarticulate, slice, unhinge, axe, incise, rip, Unfix, pare, disassemble, disintegrate.
separated (verb)
dissected, disassembled, Bisected, Disintegrated, Pared, unfixed, unglued, Amputated, estranged, incised, unhinged, disaffiliated, ripped, removed, sliced, axed.

Other synonyms:

take down, rationing, segmentation, screen off, slim down. secede. carve, quit, splinter. leave. retire. withdraw, desert. run, blow. depart
move on, get away.
come away.
go away.
Other relevant words:
split up, blow, dissever, carve, schism.

Usage examples for split

  1. It's on Minnie, then, that they've really split – Embarrassments by Henry James
  2. Nor I won't split the difference and go second either, if that's what you're going to propose to me. – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  3. And as we came full into it and I stood up to descend from the car, stretching my tired, stiff legs, the silence and the darkness were split by three tremendous cheers. – A Minstrel In France by Harry Lauder