Synonyms for Caution:


alarm bells, early warning, code red, do's and don'ts, red alert. warn off, portend, lecture, sound/raise the alarm, admonition. body search, book, apprehension, bust, calculation, breathalyze, gingerliness, chariness, apprehend, bounty hunter, Breath Test, arrest. careful, thought, soul-searching, reflection, regard, assessment, introspection, reasoning, focus. forethoughtfulness, forehandedness, foresightedness, foresight. admonishment. advice (noun)
briefing, admonition, hint, guidance, instruction, advice, clue, advocacy, tip, caveat, warning, suggestion, direction, message, pointer, monition, information, recommendation, encouragement, news, intelligence.
alarm (noun)
bell, siren, call, horn, signal, flare, semaphore, buoy, beacon, whistle, foghorn.
alertness, carefulness (noun)
watchfulness, deliberation, care, foresight, forethought, discretion, vigilance, heed, attention, heedfulness, prudence, circumspection.
attention (noun)
attentiveness, rapture, concentration, enrapture, observation, care, mindfulness, regardfulness, heedfulness, engrossment, concern, immersion, consideration, watchfulness, diligence, entrancement, alertness, interest, intentness, absorption, scrutiny, fascination, notice, attention.
calculation (noun)
caution (noun)
care, deliberation, prudence, admonish, forethought, carefulness, discretion, monish, caveat, heed, vigilance, circumspection, cautiousness, precaution, wariness, awareness, guardedness.
circumspection (noun)
wariness, vigilance, care, heedfulness, circumspection, discretion, heed.
foresightedness (noun)
forethoughtfulness, forehandedness.
omen (noun)
foretoken, messenger, warning signal, augury, portent, forewarning, omen, sign, herald, presage, pre-indication, indication, harbinger, symptom, premonitory sign, foretaste, writing on the wall.
vigilance (noun)
warning (noun)
advisory, tip, counsel, forewarning, hint, threat, omen, monition, sign, admonition, advice, caveat, notice.


advise (verb)
encourage, advise, confer, brief, direct, advocate, prompt, instruct, notify, cue, guide, recommend, warn, inform, suggest, admonish, counsel, consult.
caution (verb)
Forewarn, exhort, enjoin, alert.
communication (verb)
monish, admonish.
warn (verb)
threaten, alarm.
warn, advise (verb)
Forewarn, exhort, alert, admonish.

Other synonyms:

foresightedness, portend, forethoughtfulness, code red, gingerliness, chariness, red alert, warn off, forehandedness, early warning. admonishment. lecture. foresight, calculation. advise

Usage examples for caution

  1. Tommy grinned at the caution and departed. – The Lamp in the Desert by Ethel M. Dell
  2. But, above all, if inward feelings are nothing in sound religion, if they rather border upon enthusiasm, why did not our Lord caution the woman who came behind him in Simon's house, who wept at his feet, and kissed and wiped them with her hair? – Fletcher of Madeley by Frederic W. Macdonald