Synonyms for Release:


approval, authorization, authority. offering, wares, bundle, product, publicity, goods, propaganda, loss leader, come-on, consumer goods, acquisition, merchandise. voice, show, offer, render, make no secret of something, manumit, express yourself, manifest, spring, display. confine, give, give out, bedside manner, diagnose, cure, send forth, move, admit, examine, certify, commit, emit, give forth, throw off, doctor, give off, caseload, let off. handover, shake off, presentation, keep, distribution, disburden, shake, unburden, allotment, provision, allocation. disseminate, let it be known that, ax, proclaim, terminate, broadcast, spread, can, boot, bounce, announce, cashier. enfranchisement, autonomy, autarky, independence, free will, scope. escapee, bust out, bail out, breakout, bail, break out, escaped. grind out, churn out, bang out, roll out, manufacture, rush out. carbon sink, biological control, clean up, biohazard, the carbon cycle, clean, carbon trading, catalytic converter, carbon-neutral, biodegradable. contain, regulate, restrict, curb, limit, control, determine, keep down. unroll, steam open, uncoil, unfurl, come off, uncouple, unhook. console, fast forward, master switch, knob, pause, dial, lever, panel. let someone go. keep your hands off, keep off, get off, loosen your grip/hold (on), let go (of someone/something), relax your grip/hold. absolution (noun)
exculpation, forgiveness, pardon, amnesty.
acquittal (noun)
discharge, exculpation, liberation, defrayal, dismissal, acquittal, forgiveness, clearance, vindication, reprieve, absolution, amnesty, freedom, exoneration.
announcement (noun)
communication, message, statement, bulletin.
catharsis (noun)
cleansing, purge, purification, catharsis.
death (noun)
dissolution, ending, parting, demise, end, cessation, extinction, decease, quietus, passing, annihilation, death, fatality, expiration.
dismissal (noun)
liberty, concession, dispensation, exception, relief, license, reprieve, stay, excuse, immunity, privilege, permission, exemption, pardon, waiver.
forgiveness (noun)
pardon, absolution.
freedom (noun)
leisure, Freeness, relaxation.
liberation (noun)
emancipation, enfranchisement, deliverance, disengagement, toleration.
news (noun)
flash, account, announcement, bulletin, notice, gossip, report, rumor, communication, epistle, news, message, dispatch, information, statement.
press release (noun)
press release.
publication (noun)
publicity (noun)
release (noun)
issue, news, absolution, freeing, departure, let go, bring out, free, emancipation, passing, dismission, spillage, press release, deliverance, sacking, propaganda, expiration, publicity, loss, resign, give up, liberty, exit, freedom, firing, exoneration, put out, sack, handout, going, waiver, unblock, outlet, expel, discharge, acquittal, let go of, secrete, tone ending, unfreeze, announcement, notice, unloose, spring, unloosen, publish, relinquish, relief, spill, offering, dismissal, liberation, exemption, eject, loose, acquittance, liberate, turn.
relinquishment (noun)
renunciation, Disclamation, abdication, resignation, withdrawal, dereliction, vacation, desertion, capitulation, defection, abandonment, relinquishment.
riddance (noun)
renouncement, riddance, dismissal, rejection, cancellation, disposal, relegation.


absolve (verb)
forgive, vindicate, relieve.
acquit (verb)
exculpate, liberate, forgive, exonerate, defray, clear, let go, vindicate, acquit, free, absolve.
allow (verb)
let, consent, license, authorize, sanction, certify, tolerate, approve, admit.
announce (verb)
report, reveal, disclose, proclaim, broadcast, disseminate, publish.
contact (verb)
dismiss (verb)
exempt, permit, relieve, except.
free (verb)
disencumber, Disentwine, Unfetter, ease, untie, disentangle, unchain, unleash.
liberate (verb)
emancipate, disengage, deliver, manumit, let loose, set free.
loosen (verb)
loosen, disperse, disconnect, disjoin, unfasten, disarticulate, unbind, detach, diverge, break.
open (verb)
unlock, uncork, open, reveal, unseal, expose, unplug, disclose, undo, bare.
permit (verb)
concede, sanction, consent, condone, bless, authorize, let, tolerate, approve, enfranchise, allow.
release (verb)
undo, give off, disengage, exculpate, loosen, clear, exempt, bail out, give out, absolve, loose, unchain, unbind, set free, manumit, Unfetter, liberate, exonerate, untie, deliver, vent, acquit, emancipate, free, let off, unleash, drop, surrender, unfasten, unloose, excuse.
relinquish (verb)
desert, quit, resign, abdicate, disown, disclaim, withdraw, shed, abandon, give up, capitulate, defect, forsake, relinquish, vacate, forgo, renounce, waive, surrender.
rid (verb)
drop, leave, relegate, dispose, jettison, discard, part with, dispel, vent, rid, cancel, dismiss, reject, let go.
slacken (verb)
free, slacken, loosen.

Other synonyms:

free will, emit, disburden, independence, handover, master switch. publicity, fast forward, autarky, cashier, allotment, autonomy, distribution. keep off, presentation, bail out, can, unburden. dial, lever, provision, console. pause, knob. panel, shake, terminate, bounce. spring. control. get off. give. acquit
let go.
give off, send forth, unchain.
freeing, manumit, let loose.
undo, uncork.
Other relevant words:
handout, publish, broadcast, issue, press release, emancipation, loose, expel, cashier, departure, acquittance, freeing.

Usage examples for release

  1. Tell the dear girl that I give her up- I release her from our engagement. – In the Track of the Troops by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. Then had come the release – Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope