Synonyms for Burst:


blowout, impulse, blast, twinge. blare, beep, clamor, rush, spate, clamour, cacophony. discharge, speed, dart, surge, outpace, be quick on your feet, gallop, race, round, hasten, fly, fire, charge. self-destruct, zap, blow apart, blow, pop, blow off, blow a hole in something, rip through. pop up, come and go, spring, shoot up, crop up, start, emerge, spring up, descend on. come in, channel, rap out, catch, exclaim, cast up, dash, words, deepen, course, crest. demolition, the ravages of something, devastation, destruction, damage, havoc, decay, harm, sabotage. act (noun)
explosion, fit.
blow-up, blast (noun)
discharge, volley, blowout, break, surge, rush, bang, split, spate, fusillade, round, salvo, explosion, fit.
burst (noun)
bust, break, explosion, fusillade, outburst, break open, erupt, abound, salvo, bristle, explode, flare up, fit, volley, split, busted, collapse, ruptured, damaged.
burst out (noun)
exclaim, start.
detonation (noun)
outburst (noun)
snap (noun)
clap, crepitation, clack, knock, thump, thwack, whack, rap, slam, snap, boom, flap, crash, slap, click, report, smack, bang, bump, tap.
volley (noun)


blow up, break out (verb)
erupt, explode, blow, pop.
change (verb)
break open, split.
emotion (verb)
break, erupt.
snap (verb)
click, tap, flap, slam, knock, slap, smack, clap, rap, thump, whack, bang, thwack, snap, clack, crash, bump.
snapped (verb)
Knocked, Thumped, Rapped, Clapped, Flapped, slapped, Smacked, Slammed, Snapped, Clicked, Crashed, tapped, Thwacked, cracked, whacked, Bumped, Banged, Clacked.

Other synonyms:

blast, cast up, cacophony, pop, rip through. beep, self-destruct, blare, fire, blow apart. zap, blow off, blowout. clamor, fulminate. crest. blow, deepen. channel, dash. come in. course. rush. catch. blow up
touch off.
flare up.

Usage examples for burst

  1. He burst into the parlor where his mother and Susy were sitting. – The Rebel of the School by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  2. The old gentleman and the Captain both burst into a laugh at this. – Charlie to the Rescue by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. I expected to see her burst into tears. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke