Synonyms for Erupt:


athlete's foot, blackhead, black eye, blotch, blemish, blister, abscess, abrasion, bedsore. lava, active, explosion, volcanic, volcano, dormant, extinct, crater. expel, have/throw a fit, let rip, let off/blow off steam, give vent to. pop up, spring up, spring, crop up, shoot up, come and go, descend on. drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, shoot, supervene, gather pace, take/catch someone by surprise, strike, present itself, sneak up. eject (noun)
burst forth.
erupt (noun)
break out, burst out, burst, flare up, extravasate, break open, belch, catch fire, flare, take fire, break, ignite, combust, conflagrate, recrudesce.


change (verb)
burst out, flare up, break open, flare.
give forth, eject with force (verb)
break out, spew, discharge, explode, emit, burst, boil, belch, vomit, extravasate, flare up, vent.
rage (verb)
fume, rampage, rage, seethe, rant, roar, explode, boil, storm.
reject (verb)
curtail, emit, abandon, blackball, seep, excrete, secrete, cull, eliminate, exude, deny, disgorge, chop, blacklist, shear, reject, check, exclude, excise, clip, cut, lop, shed, drain, disallow, exhaust, snip, evacuate, trash, spew, disclaim, jettison, oppugn, discard, crop, eject, jilt, vomit, bar, scrap, discharge, belch, vent, deep-six, disapprove, junk.

Other synonyms:

extinct, spring up, volcano, volcanic, lava. crop up, descend on. crater. expel, shoot up. spring. active, pop up. blow up
flare up.
pour forth
spit out
Other relevant words:
abscess, break open, combust, blemish, spring up, blotch, volcanic, burst out, active, burst, flare, dormant, catch fire, abrasion, recrudesce, extravasate, shoot, explosion, bedsore, extinct, blackhead, take fire, lava, supervene, break out, expel, conflagrate, crop up, break, volcano, strike, blister, spring, pop up, ignite, burst forth, crater.