Synonyms for Put:


conduct, haul off, drive, walk, deliver, escort, lead, come, settle, shepherd, bring. bring out, interact, make a difference, affect, come into play, quarter, impact, take effect. construct, extend, rise, build, go up. approximate, explain, interpret, clarify, precise, illustrate, put across, reckon, run-through, estimate. impose, over, get down, obligation, set down, exact, levy, put pen to paper, write, note, copy down, record, willing, commit something to paper/writing, transcribe, assess. gamble, risk, go, wager, gambling, pile, set out, bet, stake, venture, balance. batter, smash, bang, knock, ask, strike, punch, HIT, thump. catalog, show, air, ventilate, tabulate, words, sign up, detail, index, sign in, reference, vent, waitlist, express, register, enumerate, state. chirp, declaim, mouth, chorus, pant, declare, render, translate, gasp out, construe. phrase, word, formulate. lay away, salt away, lay aside, lay in, keep, save, lay-by, set by, lay up. act (noun)
put option.
put (noun)
commit, lay, cast, invest, place, assign, couch, set up, put option, frame, redact, order, position, set, pose, arrange.


cognition (verb)
place, set.
commit, assign (verb)
impose, levy.
consumption (verb)
install (verb)
connect, initiate, build in, position, place, root, install, embed, fix, insert, graft, plant, Instate, establish, implant, ensconce, locate.
installed (verb)
fixed, placed, established, located, rooted, embedded, implanted, positioned, Inserted, initiated, Installed, planted, Grafted, Instated, Ensconced, connected.
locate (verb)
discover, pinpoint, set, find, situate, post, spot, station, unearth, lay.
located (verb)
found, situated, pinpointed, discovered, Stationed, spotted, posted, Unearthed.
position (verb)
fix, invest, set, settle, lay, situate, bring, quarter, establish, embed, insert, install, place, plant.
propose; express in words (verb)
express, word, formulate, air, render, state, couch, ventilate, phrase, translate, vent, pose.
situate (verb)
situated (verb)

Other synonyms:

chirp, declaim, gasp out, bring out, interact. estimate, impact, vent, assess, pant, impose, formulate, levy. bang, gamble, approximate, declare, affect, set out, express, ventilate, settle. phrase, reckon, translate, construe. ask, HIT. chorus. keep, pile. mouth. render. word. balance. go. focus on
located, situate.
lay away.
Other relevant words:
cast, go, couch, state, come, express, impose, bring, invest, pose, assign.

Usage examples for put

  1. Only, put it to me again!" – The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
  2. " No, put it right here. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  3. " To put it away," said she. – The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns by Arnold Bennett