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headed - 38 results
headed (verb)

fixed, bore, steered, aimed, vectored.

Other synonyms:

moving, clipboard, orientated, pointed toward, burr-headed, mature, card, carbon, oriented, on the way to, started, going, slated for, carbon paper, in motion, business card, blotting paper, correction fluid, on the road to, blotter, headlike, en route, binder, acetate, in process of reaching.

Examples of usage:

The worst thing about him is a kind of hard- headed self- assurance. - "A Daughter of the Land", Gene Stratton-Porter.

Minutes later, looking back he saw that the machine, though several hundred yards away, had altered its course and was now headed directly for him. - "Survival Tactics", Al Sevcik.

It might get you into worse trouble than you're headed for already, and what I've got to do, I can do alone. - "Hidden Gold", Wilder Anthony.

Similar words:

shock-headed, short-headed, swollen-headed, spiny-headed worm, round-headed leek, tow-headed snake, seventh heaven, solar heater, tree of heaven, Richard The Lion-hearted.

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