Synonyms for Annexed:


additional (adjective)
increased, augmented, grown, amalgamated, more, additional, enlarged, larger, accrual, extended, incremented, raised, expanded.
attached (adjective)
extra, added, Prefixed, attached, accompanied, related, embellished, joined, Suffixed, bound, subscripted, married, connected, Spliced, extended, augmented, merged, affixed, Hitched, additional.
joined (adjective)
wed, affiliated, affixed, coupled, adjacent, Abutted, consolidated, married, attached, joined, bonded, merged, juxtaposed, Spliced, synergistic, amalgamated, related, connected, Adhered, allied.
taken (adjective)
taken, Captured, Levied, Procured, abducted, appropriated, Impounded, Harvested, gathered, Gotten, Grabbed, Nabbed, Commandeered, Reaped, Caught, usurped, acquired, collected, amassed, Bagged, confiscated.


acquired (verb)
Bought, Garnered, Retrieved, Purchased, assumed, netted, Pocketed, Palmed, won, Lured, Obtained, Scored, cornered, Wrangled, Incurred, Claimed, heaped, received, landed, Fetched, secured.
added (verb)
accrued, accumulated, attained, Summed, Aggregated, Tallied, totaled.
attached (verb)
fastened, merged, coupled, stuck, bound, Abutted, Adhered, bonded, Hitched, joined, connected, married, Clung, attached, Spliced, affixed, juxtaposed, wedded, related.
joined (verb)
connected, juxtaposed, bonded, merged, amalgamated, wedded, Abutted, allied, Clung, consolidated, attached, joined, Adhered, affixed, Spliced, affiliated, coupled, related, married.
took (verb)
Got, deprived, Monopolized, Took.

Usage examples for Annexed

  1. She annexed his ideas, and let them take root or die off in her mind as chance willed it. – The Song of Songs by Hermann Sudermann
  2. And then, assuming a gayety I did not feel, I asked further: " Does the moon, too, want to be annexed to the United States?" – Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World by James Cowan
  3. A more particular account of the Bully Club, and of the manner in which the students of Yale came to possess it, is given in the annexed extract. – A Collection of College Words and Customs by Benjamin Homer Hall