Synonyms for Presented:


bestowed (adjective)
conferred, given, granted.
discovered (adjective)
given (adjective)
shared, Doled, furnished, Rendered, Tendered, Attributed, sent, Submitted, Imparted, Disbursed, Offered, paid, given, Bequeathed, Served, Delivered, Ascribed, donated, Contributed, endowed, lent, Allowed, assigned, Lavished, pledged, expended, bestowed, Showered, granted, Provided, allotted, rationed, Awarded, Supplied, dispensed, Consigned.
interpreted (adjective)
offered (adjective)
granted, extended, Offered, Rendered, invited, Quoted, Issued, Submitted, given, Imparted.


presented (noun)
bestowed, conferred, given.


demonstrated (verb)
illustrated, convinced, Flaunted, Indicated, uncovered, Flourished, Evinced, unmasked, exposed, unveiled.
dramatized (verb)
improvised, played, characterized, pantomimed, Dramatized, mimed, Acted, choreographed, Burlesqued.
gave (verb)
Attributed, Showered, funded, Awarded, Disbursed, assigned, Delivered, expended, assisted, Allowed, Served, rationed, Ascribed, Provided, lent, Supplied, devoted, dispensed, pledged, Lavished, Doled, Bequeathed, Consigned, sent, paid, Contributed, Helped, donated, furnished, allotted, shared.
manifested (verb)
embodied, revealed, demonstrated, showed, Exhibited, Materialized, Appeared, Manifested, Displayed.
offered (verb)
bid, Bidden, Rendered, Submitted, Offered, advanced, endowed, attempted, Dealt, Gave, extended, granted, Approached, invited, Imparted, Quoted, Cited, Issued, given, Tendered, bestowed.

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Usage examples for presented

  1. Brock was presented to the Rodneys just before the party went in to dinner. – The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. As I have before suggested, the two questions that have always presented themselves to me in connection with work for Ireland have been- first, is it right? – The Life Story of an Old Rebel by John Denvir
  3. And as Jalaladdeen presented to him the lion's tail, he said that he had failed in nothing. – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various