Synonyms for Sent:


brought (adjective)
given (adjective)
granted, endowed, Ascribed, allotted, Imparted, given, presented, Lavished, Disbursed, Contributed, Provided, Tendered, shared, Served, Delivered, Attributed, paid, Supplied, expended, Showered, furnished, Doled, Allowed, pledged, Offered, lent, donated, Bequeathed, rationed, Consigned, assigned, Rendered, bestowed, Awarded, Submitted, dispensed.
moved (adjective)
shipped (adjective)
discharged, posted, commissioned, Delegated, Emitted, mailed, ordered, appointed, Shipped, transmitted, committed, gone, Transported, Consigned, Issued, dispatched, directed.


carried (verb)
conveyed, transmitted, Hauled, Borne, Transferred, moved, Carried, removed, Carted, Shifted, dispatched, Transported, bore, expressed.
consigned (verb)
gave (verb)
funded, Imparted, pledged, Contributed, allotted, Consigned, Offered, assisted, Ascribed, assigned, Supplied, Doled, rationed, granted, Awarded, Provided, Disbursed, lent, Gave, Rendered, Showered, Delivered, bestowed, donated, Attributed, devoted, expended, extended, presented, Bequeathed, dispensed, endowed, Lavished, Tendered, paid, given, shared, Submitted, furnished, Allowed, Helped, Served.
shipped (verb)
driven, gone, uttered, ordained, mailed, directed, committed, forced to go, posted, impelled, Emitted, Issued, Shipped, appointed, discharged, on the road, Delegated, ordered, sent forth, in transit, commissioned.

Other synonyms:

mailed. Other relevant words:
directed, appointed, committed, mailed, commissioned, Delegated, Issued, gone, Emitted, discharged, Shipped, posted, ordered.

Usage examples for sent

  1. I'm sent off to live alone and I have never been alone in my life. – From the Car Behind by Eleanor M. Ingram
  2. What do you suppose they have sent me?" – Peggy by Laura E. Richards
  3. I sent him word when we first got here, to tell him you were well." – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown