Synonyms for Deputy:


acting (adjective)
functioning, surrogate, temporary, pro tem, performing, alternate, practicing, operating, working, acting.
agent (adjective)
vice, agent.


businessman, account executive, businessperson, boss, baron, capitalist, businesswoman, administrator. casual, designate, emeritus, budding, creative, blue-collar. chief executive, chancellor, alderman, chancellor of the exchequer, alderwoman, assemblywoman, chief minister, assemblyman, cabinet minister. copper, constable, bobby, cop, CDR, captain, chief of police, cadet, commissioner. coadjutor, adjutant, Coadjutant. agent (noun)
impresario, operative, intermediary, liaison, executor, mediator, instrument, actor, ombudsman, agency, factor, vehicle.
assistant (noun)
auxiliary, aide, second, helper, assistant, attorney, follower, subordinate, accomplice, attendant, Aider, accessory, hireling, flunky, servant, employee, associate, backer, functionary, chaperone, proxy, junior, adjunct, partner, minion, helpmate, henchman, stooge, laborer, underling, lieutenant, extra, aide-de-camp, agent, abettor, acolyte, benefactor, menial, ancillary, patsy.
assistant, agent (noun)
commissioner, ambassador, substitute, delegate, representative, backup, proxy, appointee, factor, replacement, subordinate, lieutenant, surrogate, aide.
consignee (noun)
broker, attache, appointee, representative, go-between, receiver, envoy, consignee, assignee, delegate, messenger, ambassador, trustee, nominee, addressee, licensee, middleman, acceptor.
delegate (noun)
replacement, stand in.
deputy (noun)
double, understudy, surrogate, dummy, alternate, ghost, substitute, spokeswoman, arm, emissary, spokesman, backup, stand in, mouthpiece, figurehead, token.
follower (noun)
inferior (noun)
junior, menial.
lieutenant (noun)
study at agent.
person (noun)
servant (noun)
helping hand, volunteer, peon, serf, hand, subject, pawn, aid, vassal, chattel, help, worker.
subordinate (noun)
serf, underling.
substitute (noun)
fill in, replacement, alternative, counterfeit, imitation.

Other synonyms:

bobby, chief of police, emeritus, designate, constable, CDR, creative, cadet, Coadjutant, blue-collar. coadjutor, adjutant, cop. casual, commissioner. copper. captain.

Usage examples for deputy

  1. I am only a deputy acting under orders from the sheriff." – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson
  2. The deputy of a Countess at length spoke. – Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
  3. Petter's father was deputy to the Storting, and had taken to sitting reading the papers of an evening. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun