Synonyms for Associate:


aa, baccalaureate, bachelor's degree, 21, Associate of Arts, advanced degree, ba, 22. arriviste, bind, conjoin, branch, commissioner, charter member, alumnus, academician, combine, core, baby. troop, hang around, collegiate, fraternize, clerical, collaborative, hang out, ceremonial, cooperative, near, hobnob, antisocial, casual. same, regard, see, sentimentalize, look, identify, muse, compartmentalize, go by, bracket, isolate, hive off. superior, workmate, relief, counterpart, opposite number. assistant (noun)
chaperone, functionary, aide, henchman, subordinate, accessory, servant, patsy, flunky, Aider, agent, minion, laborer, benefactor, proxy, employee, helpmate, aide-de-camp, partner, menial, underling, attendant, helper, follower, acolyte, deputy, lieutenant, accomplice, assistant, junior, attorney, adjunct, backer, abettor, second, hireling, stooge, auxiliary, extra, ancillary.
associate (noun)
companion, associate degree, connect, Familiar, comrade, affiliate, colligate, link up, low-level, subordinate, link, consociate, assort, consort, tie in, relate.
cohort (noun)
colleague (noun)
collaborator, affiliate, ally, cohort, confederate, partner, sidekick, branch, friend, co-worker, comrade, buddy, consort, assistant, auxiliary, peer, companion, accomplice, compatriot, crony, accessory, helper.
comrade (noun)
collaborator, fellow worker, buddy, right-hand man, peer, co-worker, Co-operator, teammate, alter ego, compatriot, friend, cohort, comrade in arms, compeer, crony, copartner, sidekick, right hand, co-helper, partner in crime, brother-in-arms, Yokefellow, co-conspirator, plant, ringer.
confederate (noun)
colleague, supporter, ally.
friend (noun)
sidekick (noun)


befriend (verb)
hang around, hobnob, tie in, hang out, fraternize, pool.
co-operate (verb)
concur, reciprocate, interlace, affiliate, collude, participate, unite, interweave, share, trade, band, dovetail, co-operate, mesh, interplay, pool, intermesh, collaborate, overlap, intertwine, confederate.
cognition (verb)
connect, link up, tie in, link, colligate, relate.
connect in the mind (verb)
identify, conjoin, correlate, link, combine, relate, bracket, unite, couple.
relate (verb)
relate, pertain, marry, consolidate, correlate, couple, connect.

Other synonyms:

ba, counterpart, copartner, aa, bachelor's degree, sentimentalize, charter member, core, workmate, arriviste, collegiate, opposite number, antisocial, co-worker, buddy, advanced degree, compeer, ceremonial, branch, alumnus, Associate of Arts, collaborative, baby, baccalaureate, academician, isolate. conjoin, compartmentalize, clerical, cohort. cooperative, hang around, combine. regard, go by, muse. superior, identify, bind, casual. look. relief. see. attach
crony, comrade.
fraternize, consort.
tie in.

Usage examples for associate

  1. It is competent for any number of persons, usually not less than ten, to associate themselves together to form a Parish. – The American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia by William James Miller
  2. Now, Mr. Stuart well knew that, during all this time, Mr. Herndon was the intimate associate of Lincoln and thoroughly familiar with every event in his history. – Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian? by John B. Remsburg
  3. We cannot help asking how far could the pupil of Siron, the student of Epicurus and Lucretius, the enlightened associate of Maecenas, Augustus, Pollio, Horace, etc. – The Roman Poets of the Augustan Age: Virgil by W. Y. Sellar