Synonyms for Attach:


cross-post, attachment, dot, ASCII art, address, copy in, bounce, digital signature, blind copy. pin, associate. have something to do with something, fix, surround, do with, interrelate, moor, bear on, clip, secure, assemble, be associated with, pertain to, be bound up/together, correspond. break into, substitute, fill in, start, enter, land, arrive, stand in. fire off, dispatch, get off, send out, circulate, copy to, get, send, ship. come down to, typify, feature, represent, embody, enter into, characterize, epitomize, exemplify, define. attach (noun)
impound, bond, sequester, seize, tie, bind, confiscate.


accompany (verb)
accessorize, convoy, attend, adorn, second, chaperone, accompany, escort, garnish, add, supplement.
attach (verb)
wed, fasten, cling, abut, bond, adhere, marry, hitch, stick, merge, annex, affix, relate, bind, join, connect, couple, juxtapose, splice.
attribute (verb)
refer, ascribe, apply, credit, brand, accredit, cast, cite, impute, place, attribute, assign, blame, acknowledge, set, mark.
attribute, ascribe (verb)
assign, place, second, name, detail, impute, appoint, send.
join (verb)
consolidate, ally, amalgamate, affiliate.
join, fasten (verb)
tie, connect, annex, affix, secure, bind, add, couple, fix, adhere, stick.
socially join (verb)
associate, accompany, affiliate.

Other synonyms:

hook into, copy in, ASCII art, blind copy, bounce, cross-post, attachment, dot, digital signature, automate. send, moor, fit out, secure, pin, clip. stand in, address. fill in, fix. alarm. substitute, arrive, start. ground. fit, close. join

Usage examples for attach

  1. She must attach as many of them to the house as she can and keep them loyal. – Commercialized Prostitution in New York City by George Jackson Kneeland
  2. You don't mean to say that you attach any importance to a dream? – The Dream Doctor by Arthur B. Reeve
  3. All this was very interesting, and, above all, very puzzling to Baisemeaux; but as, on the other hand, all this was very clear to Aramis, the latter did not attach to the occurrence the same importance as did the worthy governor. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere