Synonyms for Merge:


buy out, demerger, contract out, amalgamation, BROS, Demerge. fuse (noun)
centralize, conglomerate, assimilate, synthesize, impregnate, study at mix, melt into one, absorb.
merge (noun)
conflate, immix, unite, commingle, combine, meld, unify, fuse, blend, mix, flux.


attach (verb)
bind, hitch, wed, connect, marry, bond, couple, join, juxtapose, splice, annex, abut, cling, stick, attach, fasten, adhere, relate, affix.
bring or come together (verb)
combine, consolidate, unite, intermix, mix, amalgamate, mingle, marry, conglomerate, assimilate, meet, centralize, fuse, synthesize, blend, meld, join, absorb.
change (verb)
unify, unite.
converge (verb)
concentrate, unite, focus, approach, meet, intercept.
join (verb)
ally, affiliate, consolidate, amalgamate.
mix (verb)
concoct, intermix, decoct, infuse, combine, meld, brew, mash, mix, stew, blend, mingle.

Other synonyms:

stir in, admix, mix up. stir. mix
blend, intermix.

Usage examples for merge

  1. He does not merge man in humanity, nor sacrifice the individual to the community. – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  2. All women love once in their lives- happy for them if it has not burnt their souls in its passage- Happy if the Bon Dieu has let it merge into love for humanity-" And soft tears dimmed the dark blue brilliancy. – Man and Maid by Elinor Glyn
  3. All the branches, she sometimes fancied, stretched one way- towards their tiny cottage and garden, as though it sought to draw them in and merge them in itself. – The Man Whom the Trees Loved by Algernon Blackwood