Synonyms for Fold:


organization, plait, commission, police, lap, Support Group, flash mobbing, overlap, panel, flash mob, association, club. cover, coat, bury, recover, wrap, smother, top, crown, insulate, blanket. coop, wind up, closure, go out of business, enclosure, cage, liquidate. crash, dermis, go under, break, follicle, birthmark, freckle, collapse, beauty mark, cuticle, flesh, bust, beauty spot, fail, epidermis, money. fiber, cut, succumb, submit, bow, material, cloth, yield, capitulate, yarn, surrender, resist, buckle, fabric, textile. tumble, snap, cave in, crack-up, give way, subside, topple, fall down, come down, fall in, explosion. double thickness (noun)
crimp, furrow, bend, ply, overlap, plication, crease, corrugation, wrinkle, rumple, pleat, flexure, pucker, plica, gather, ruck, tuck, Rimple, flection, lap, plait.
fold (noun)
faithful, folding, fold up, bend, sheepcote, crimp, plication, close down, congregation, turn up, sheep pen, close, shut down, flexure, plica, multiple, crease, sheepfold, pen up.
groove (noun)
group (noun)
laity (noun)
laywoman, parishioner, assembly, churchman, layman, sisters, churchwoman, congregation, brethren, flock, communicant.
wrinkle (noun)
corrugation, Infold, flection.


contact (verb)
fold up, turn up.
double (verb)
crease, multiply, double, duplicate, bifurcate.
encase, enclose (verb)
fail, close (verb)
collapse, shut down, bust, yield, crash, break, go under.
lay in creases (verb)
corrugate, double, crumple.
wrinkle (verb)
wrinkle, ripple, corrugate, pucker, tuck, crimp, pleat, gather, furrow.

Other synonyms:

epidermis, dermis, pasture, crumple, chicken run, follicle, go under, freckle, kraal, enclosure, paddock, farmyard, Rimple, pen, ply, birthmark, beauty mark, cuticle. closure, capitulate, beauty spot, lap, yarn, textile, unfurl, cloth, corral, barnyard. fiber, snap, fabric, succumb, flesh, buckle, liquidate. collapse, fail, bow, submit. crash, wind up, material. bust. yield. field. break. cut. braid
fold up.
close down, go out of business.
give in
fall in.
Other relevant words:
fail, farmyard, coop, freckle, close, collapse, cage, pasture, close down, coat, kraal, bow, turn up, capitulate, sheepfold, birthmark, bust, fold up, barnyard, field, flesh, break, surrender, snap, corral, plait, faithful, ruck, pen, crash, plica, sheep pen, crumple, enclosure, lap, ply, submit, pen up, yarn, cuticle, multiple, yield, cloth, wrap, textile, flexure, rumple, go under, panel, follicle, cut, paddock, unfurl, shut down, fabric, give way, bend, overlap, buckle, sheepcote, cave in, liquidate, succumb, cover, folding, fall in, plication, Rimple.

Usage examples for fold

  1. I was then a wandering sheep from my Saviour's fold walking in darkness, and in the shades of death, ignorant of the Lord that bought me. – Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ by Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.
  2. To Edgar it was a revelation, for always before, he had seen the scar before he did her; but now he was compelled to see her first, for the scar was hidden under fold upon fold of lace. – Cynthia Wakeham's Money by Anna Katharine Green
  3. Many a day they offered him great worship, a thousand fold more than I can tell you. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown