Synonyms for Batch:


artificial intelligence, A-D conversion, ai, background processing, authoring, access time, authentication, ABEND, alpha test. backlog, balance, array, cluster, capacity, clump, allocation, bevy, amount, arithmetic, accumulation, allowance, body, party, knot, group, collection. assortment, bale, assembly, arsenal, agglomeration. bowlful, consumption, bite, cake, bowl, C, crumb, bed. amount (noun)
batch (noun)
mess, spate, wad, heap, hatful, tidy sum, clutch, plenty, raft, peck, quite a little, slew, muckle, sight, stack, whole lot, great deal, mint, mass, pile, flock, lot, mickle, good deal, whole slew, deal.
bunch (noun)
quantity, group, shipment.
group (noun)
group of same objects (noun)
cluster, accumulation, assortment, lot, clutch, group, collection, quantity, array, amount, shipment, clump.

Other synonyms:

alpha test, ABEND, cluster, authentication, agglomeration, access time, ai, arsenal, authoring, A-D conversion, artificial intelligence, allowance, bowlful, arithmetic, assortment, amount, backlog, background processing. accumulation, collection, balance, group, bevy, bale. capacity, crumb, cake, bowl, assembly. consumption, clump. knot. bite. C, bed. party. body.

Usage examples for batch

  1. Then no mail was received from the regiment for four days, and they were all anxious; and so this bright August morning quite a party had gathered in front of Truscott's, for a little batch of letters had just arrived, and they were discussing contents and comparing notes. – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  2. Long before our first batch of Colonists is ready to cross the ocean I shall be in a position to correct and revise the proposals of this chapter by the best wisdom and matured experience of the practical men of every Colony in the Empire. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  3. I shall get the same money- or more- for the next batch – Delia Blanchflower by Mrs. Humphry Ward