Synonyms for Cave:


ditch, chasm, rift, gully, crevice, pothole, crevasse, fissure. give, explosion, collapse, buckle, go, crumple. give out, drop, conk out, break, health, crack-up. cavern, grotto, convex. cave (noun)
spelunk, undermine.
cave in (noun)
collapse, yield.
cavern (noun)
grotto, rock shelter, hollow.
hole in land formation (noun)
pothole, grotto, rock shelter, hollow, cavern.


comply (verb)
observe, yield, agree, assent, comply, conform, consent, bend, capitulate, obey, acquiesce, genuflect, concur, knuckle under, submit, kowtow, surrender, cede, accept, succumb, respect, defer, bow, fulfill, adhere.
contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

crevasse. gully, cavern, chasm, pothole. ditch. cavern
Other relevant words:
hollow, rock shelter, chasm, collapse, crumple, drop, explosion, convex, crevasse, health, buckle, go, ditch, grotto, rift, gully, undermine, crevice, break, spelunk, pothole, fissure, crack-up, give, cavern.

Usage examples for cave

  1. We were goin' for that cave the rennygade guidin' us. – The Lone Ranche by Captain Mayne Reid
  2. As she stepped out of the cave she caught sight of an old man, who hurried away so fast that she had barely time to see him before he disappeared. – The Grey Fairy Book by Andrew Lang
  3. Splendid so far as it went, but nearly disastrous, for a message reached me saying that a first sergeant, the company commander, the second in command and the company clerk had all been buried by a cave in. – Average Americans by Theodore Roosevelt