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perfect (verb)

consummate, complete.

Other synonyms:

good, smooth off the rough edges, perfect tense, unharmed, idyllic, fitting, perfective, enrich, foolproof, very, limited, down, adaptive, flat, uncorrupted, unflawed, picture-book, perfective tense, pluperfect, double-dyed, revitalize, damned, immaculate, classy, flagrant, indefectible, peerless, enhance, constitutionally, entire, damaged, bodacious, refine, sodding, irreproachable, total, born, superfluous, untainted, unalloyed, excellent, apt, culminating, boost, blameless, stark, intransitive, complete, absolute, comprehensive, polish, everlasting, complete, thrive, precise, mint, hone, extreme, lift, downright, intact, exact, distinct, undiluted, plenary, better, faultless, even, consummate, consummate, stone, flawless, pure, unmitigated, crowning, right, matchless, e'en, flexible, utter, compleat, picture-perfect, outright, ergative, clingy, plain, part, unlimited, whole, idealised, simple, finished, undefiled, awful, big, suited, improve, convenient, entirely, sublime, round, Midland, as new, well-chosen, holy, blank, ruined, impeccable, straight-out, staring, unequaled, undefiled, unreserved, stainless, plumb, improve on, suitable, profound, addictive, crashing, cold, clean, e'er, bloody, unmarred, cotton-picking, active, reliable, unbroken, sinless, actively, unerring, unimpaired, unadulterated, causative, ideal, undamaged, unblemished, remedy, blooming, sound, thorough, unmixed, integral, mastered, fair, badass, grand, seamless, continuous, completed, uninjured, sheer, actual, consummate, idealized, precise, exemplary, perfectible, clear, excelling, well-preserved, full, imperative, accurate, damn, arrant, finite, classic, unrelieved, out-and-out, future, regular, immaculate, faultless, all-out, flat-out, unbounded, dreadful, deadly, gross, model, specific, thoroughgoing, rank, any, impersonal, babyish, flawed, spotless, proper, awfully, perfective aspect, possible, smooth, errorless, down pat, strict, complete, ideal, beautiful, unhurt, imperfect, optimization, correct, dead, sharp.

Examples of usage:

As a matter of fact, that particular man is a perfect stranger to me. - "Mysterious Mr. Sabin", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Does the child think he is perfect? - "Daisy in the Field", Elizabeth Wetherell.

And I don't see what you're nervous about; there's nothing that can go wrong very well- your plans are perfect, I think. - "The Bittermeads Mystery", E. R. Punshon.

Similar words:

present perfect, present perfect tense, ten percent, twenty percent, twenty-five percent, to perfection, Salvadora Persica, Syringa Persica, Prunus Persica, Prunus Persica Nectarina.

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