Synonyms for Twist:


about-face, rotation, revolution. disfigure, swing, Misshape, beautiful, circle. ascend, divide, extend, true, carry, load, misstate, belie, end, branch off, bifurcate, connect, wrest. piece, taster, a bit, a little, fraction, fragment, sample, trace. balance, crane, bestride, burrow, double over, cower. harm, disable, wound, break, bruise, burn, injure. cancan, dancing, bossa nova, belly dance, boogie. chicane, bike lane, camber, cloverleaf, carpool lane, connection, corner, central reservation, bicycle lane. tangle, bind, entangle, tweak. buy off, buy, flatter, make up to, maneuver, bribe, blackmail, cultivate, keep in with, cozy up. changes (noun)
alteration, reform, adjustment, change, transformation, correction, effect, shake up, evolution.
communication (noun)
curl, spin (noun)
meander, pull, wrench, twine, wind, braid, turn, coil, spiral, curve, warp, bend.
curve (noun)
dance (noun)
hula, conga, jitterbug, square dance, highland fling, fox-trot, tango, fandango, samba, two-step, marengue, mazurka, charleston, hornpipe, allemande, quadrille, beguine, gavotte, polka, cha-cha, dance, shuffle, waltz, turkey trot, courante, can-can, mambo, tarantella, one-step, bolero, moonwalk, tap dance, polonaise, jig, cotillion, clog, rumba, hootchy-kootchy, minuet, lambada, reel, cakewalk, shimmy, Galliard.
sudden development; oddity (noun)
change, tangle, kink.
twist (noun)
pull, whirl, turn of events, tress, writhe, pervert, device, squirm, kink, wrench, wrick, twine, wriggle, turn, construction, wrestle, winding, spin, twirl, gimmick, worm, sprain, plait, convolute, bend, wind, rick, twisting, braid, eddy, distort, twist around, sophisticate.
wile (noun)
wring (noun)
turn around, study at bend, wrap around, corkscrew, spiral.


bend (verb)
curve, flex, bend, bow, contort, crook, deflect, refract.
contact (verb)
flex, bend, deform, turn.
convolute (verb)
meander, coil, convolute, wind.
curl, spin (verb)
sprain, rick, twirl, writhe, wriggle, corkscrew, contort, turn around, wrap around, squirm.
misinterpret (verb)
misread, mistake, confuse, garble, misinterpret, misquote, misrepresent, misunderstand.
misrepresent (verb)
belie, misstate, distort, garble, pervert, misquote.
pervert (verb)
deform, degrade, abase, debase, seduce, deprave, debauch, desecrate, pervert, corrupt, warp, vitiate, distort, demoralize, adulterate.
rotate (verb)
gyrate, eddy, rotate, wheel, turn, circumnavigate, circulate, revolve, whirl, pirouette.

Other synonyms:

revolution, rotation, Misshape, about-face, corkscrew. disfigure, spiral, entangle, misstate, tweak, reshape. tangle, belie, snake, wrest. open up, shape. bind. form. bend
camber, refract.
Other relevant words:
spiral, wrench, braid, plait, writhe, kink, wrest, twirl, twine, spin, tangle.

Usage examples for twist

  1. Suddenly the collar chap crept up over my face and took a twist round my head with the end of his tail in my ear; then one by one the other snakes crawled up over my face, each one of 'em giving me such a look as threatened my life in case I moved. – Tales from the Veld by Ernest Glanville
  2. Therein lies the ultimate twist to " getting away". – Sympathetic Magic by Paul Cameron Brown
  3. You look so grown- up and proper, and your dress is so grand, and you have done your hair like the people in the fashion- books, and I never can make out how on earth they twist it in and out... – More About Peggy by Mrs G. de Horne Vaizey