Synonyms for Hollow:


concave (adjective)
dented, indented, crater-like, concave, depressed.
deep, resonant in sound (adjective)
resounding, dull, vibrant, ringing, sepulchral, muffled, low, reverberant, ghostly, thunderous, mute.
empty, hollowed out (adjective)
concave, void, depressed, vaulted, deep-set, unfilled, cavernous, arched, vacant, indented, sunken, curved, cleft.
false (adjective)
flimsy, unsound, artificial.
false, artificial (adjective)
insincere, unsound, flimsy.
hungry (adjective)
hungry, ravenous.
meaningless (adjective)
idle, otiose, vain, empty, meaningless.
useless (adjective)


deep, plangent, dead, abdomen, blooming, thunderous, ghostly, heart, girth, belly, sepulchral, resonant, booming, chest, dull, low, flank, front, back, vibrant, loud, muffled, body, belly button, resounding, mute. ambiguity, ambiguous, equivocal, vain, Two-edged, double-edged, cryptic, ill-defined, nonsense. beady, hazel, bug-eyed, bloodshot, doe-eyed, cross-eyed, close-set. cross your heart (and hope to die), broken, my word is my bond, as good as your word, on my honor, solemn. empty (noun)
vain, void, vacant, unfilled.
empty or dented area (noun)
channel, crater, cavity.
hollow (noun)
hollowed, ringing, recessed, cannular, fistulate, vacuous, fistulous, insincere, false, cavernous, deep-set, sunken, meaningless, fistular, hollow out, empty, reverberant, tubular, core out, holler.
outdo (noun)
overcome, surpass, beat.

Other synonyms:

abandoned, artificial, ambiguous, plangent, cavity, void, solemn, equivocal, Two-edged, bare, nonsense, double-edged, dead, cryptic, deserted, uncrowded, resonant, low-pitched. ambiguity, otiose. deep. bass, idle. dull, vacant, broken. heavy. trivial

Usage examples for hollow

  1. His voice had a hollow sound. – Roden's Corner by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. At last he stopped in the bottom of the hollow looking up at a steep face of rock. – For the Allinson Honor by Harold Bindloss
  3. You will need a great deal before you have been in that Hollow two days. – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner