Synonyms for Coat:


bolero, duffel coat, bomber jacket, dj, anorak. crust, fell, hair, top, epidermis, recover, shell, leather, rind, husk, pelt, integument, Scarfskin, wool, smother, crown, fleece, bury, insulate, bark, membrane, hide. beard, exoskeleton, plaster, wash, sheet, varnish, tinge, Dusting, down, dander, painting, lacquer, armour, brush, camouflage, armor, film, glaze, gloss, dewlap. collar, lead, dog collar, choke chain, leash, flea collar, muzzle. distemper, grout, gloss paint, masking tape, paint, creosote, drop cloth, paintbrush. animal hair (noun)
fleece, integument, pelt, membrane, Scarfskin, rind, epidermis, crust, pelage, hide, wool, leather, husk, fur, shell, skin.
clothing (noun)
caftan, frock, wrapper, dressing gown, habit, gown, topcoat, slicker, cloak, burnoose, petticoat, bowler, pull over, dinner jacket, halter, garb, windbreaker, vestment, stockings, bonnet, parka, vesture, panties, afghan, bathrobe, sweat suit, trousers, kilt, cape, shawl, blazer, kimono, nightgown, stetson, smock, clothing, trench coat, fedora, raiment, jumper, pants, jacket, corset, mackintosh, fez, sarong, pajamas, evening gown, shirt, wrap, raincoat, headdress, trimming, fur, sweater, shoes, slacks, pea coat, housecoat, overcoat, clothes, chapeau, outfit, array, crinoline, greatcoat, blouse, dress, blue jeans, homburg, turtle-neck, camisole, sari, smoking jacket, t-shirt, skirt, tuxedo, apparel, sweat shirt, garment, boot, beret, sports coat, poncho, robe, scarf, pillbox, doublet, tunic, footgear, v neck, suit, hat, brassiere, attire, ensemble, jersey, costume, duds, shorts, chemise, pyjamas, pinafore, ulster.
coat (noun)
coating, pelage, surface, cake.
coloring (noun)
covering (noun)
overlay, dermis, painting, patina, glaze, screening, shroud, casing, envelope, lacquer, plaster, layer, gloss, varnish, bark, coating, skin, wrapping, veneer, lamination, wash, canopy, tinge, covering.
layer (noun)
hierarchy, Strata, layer, mantle, story, graduation, tier, lamination, level.
personal outerwear (noun)
cloak, greatcoat, anorak, slicker, raincoat, overcoat, cape, frock, jacket, tuxedo, ulster, suit, wrap, topcoat, windbreaker.


contact (verb)
cover (verb)
cover, veil, enshroud, mask, overlay, blanket, sheath, encase, envelop.
cover with layer of material (verb)
laminate, paint, surface, cover.
layer (verb)
grade, laminate, stratify.
protect (verb)

Other synonyms:

grout, exoskeleton, dewlap, camouflage, bark, bolero, drop cloth, duffel coat, hide, film, gloss paint, crust, creosote, leash, flea collar, armour, masking tape, integument, beard, anorak, dander, choke chain, bomber jacket. dj, pelt, smother, recover, sheet, distemper. crown, shell, dog collar, plaster, bury. armor. brush, muzzle, top. gloss. collar. down. lead. cover
overlay, encase.
Other relevant words:
brush, epidermis, creosote, hide, Scarfskin, sheet, bark, gloss, top, shell, surface, down, leather, crust, dewlap, paintbrush, pelt, collar, glaze, dj, beard, hair, crown, Dusting, lead, dander, varnish, smother, rind, armor, exoskeleton, wash, muzzle, fleece, insulate, bomber jacket, painting, membrane, cake, integument, paint, tinge, armour, bolero, bury, pelage, leash, wool, anorak, plaster, lacquer, film, fell, grout, recover, distemper, husk, camouflage.

Usage examples for coat

  1. " Now give me his great- coat and his cap. – The Woman of Mystery by Maurice Leblanc
  2. But perhaps we can beat it out with the coat – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer