Synonyms for Fly:


bug, shoot off, clear off, skip out, make off, abandon, dash off. boost, hoist, baggage allowance, aerial, air mile, accompanied baggage, airline, airfare, air rage, baggage storage, AIRLINK, baggage check. captain, eject, lure, weed, ditch, airlift, down, come down, climb, bank. chatter, cheep, flitter, flap, chirp, cry, brood, sail, alight, flutter, caw, coo, flit, move, beat. wave, beetle, repetition, bloodsucker. skim, care label, dart, breast pocket, buttonhole, collar, bib, coattails, float, shoot, armhole, bodice, arm. bucket, hurry, hotfoot, run, hasten, baseball, fleet, scoot, race, scour, zoom, bolt, pelt, base, sprint, tear, ball girl, ballpark, bustle, at-bat, nip, whirl, rip, barrel, whisk, ball, festinate, rush, rocket, trot, baseline, hustle, batboy, speed, zip, highball, haste, flash, dash, ball boy, whiz. baulk, ground out, catch, bat, flare, double, balk, foul, HIT, bunt, explosion. gallop, outpace, surge, charge, be quick on your feet. camp bed, camp out, camper van, camp, campfire, campground, bivouac, camper. stir, windblown, in the teeth of something, drift, blow away, blow down, blow over, blow off. dive, spring, hop, vault, leap, bound, hurdle. function, take off, bear fruit, work out, come off, shape up, work, develop, prosper. go through, cross someone's mind, occupy, enter your mind/head, occur to, dawn, think. supervene, turn up, take/catch someone by surprise, strike, drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, gather pace, sneak up, present itself. fly (noun)
flee, tent flap, tent-fly, vanish, fly sheet, alert, take flight, fly front, fly ball, fell.
insect (noun)
chigger, may fly, boll weevil, cockroach, flea, nit, spider, chinch, cicada, bedbug, louse, butterfly, grasshopper, stinkbug, mite, horsefly, wasp, tick, earwig, locust, millipede, katydid, yellow jacket, termite, botfly, mosquito, fruit fly, mantis, Horntail, tsetse fly, scorpion, cricket, ant, praying mantis, moth, silverfish, midge, daddy longlegs, scarab, firefly, gnat, gadfly, deer fly, June Bug, bluebottle, blowfly, centipede, black widow, dragonfly, tiger moth, aphid, housefly, ladybug, bookworm, dung beetle, bee, tarantula.


disappear (verb)
evaporate, fade, melt, depart, disappear, go, evanesce, dissolve, hide, vanish, flee, sink.
escape, flee (verb)
decamp, run, disappear, skip, hide, abscond, get away.
run or pass swiftly (verb)
flee, sprint, tear, make off, race, barrel, scoot, hustle, hasten, bolt.
take to the air, usually employing wings (verb)
fleet, float, dive, flit, climb, sail, hop, flutter, whiz, speed, hurry, shoot, dart, zip, zoom, take flight, drift, rush, skim, dash, take off, whisk.

Other synonyms:

bunt, skim, windblown, blow down, hasten, absquatulate, lam, ground out, festinate, blow over. scoot, zoom, abscond, barrel, hotfoot, rocket, bat, whisk, gallop, highball, decamp, outpace, flutter, bustle, dart, rush. hurdle, spring, zip, sail, drift, sprint, rip, flitter, hurry. flare, flash, whiz, balk, bound, race, escape, bucket, tear, blow away, float, blow off. hop, surge, vault, whirl, nip, fleet, skip, leap, hustle, haste. dash, foul, speed, bolt, wave. run. dive. shoot, stir. charge. catch. move, double, HIT. break away
run away.
Other relevant words:
flap, alert, bolt, make off, rush, zoom, decamp, fleet, flit, scoot, take flight, sail, run away, take off, tear, dash, race, shoot, hurry, run, abscond, float, dart, speed, hasten.

Usage examples for fly

  1. All good men at length fly with horror from such a service. – The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12) by Edmund Burke
  2. However, he knew the art of driving- for we seemed to fly like the wind towards Hommarting- which we reached in half an hour. – A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany, Volume Two by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  3. Now, I'm afraid I must fly back to London. – Penny Plain by Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas)