Synonyms for Click:


hiss, crow, grunt, applaud, gurgle, groan, cheer. emerge, spread, appear, get around, work, break, come off, come out, go, go over, succeed, thrive, leak out, pan out, circulate, work out, get out. blow, babble, ding, grate, buzz, connect, crunch, relate, burble, communicate, cough. drag, backspace, double-click, key, enter, sounds, input, drag-and-drop, hover. peep, chime, keen, beep, mewl, creak, bleep. pop, plop, creaking. befriend, cultivate, hit it off, get in with, get along like a house on fire, fall in with, take up with, make friends. develop, bear fruit, take off, shape up, function, prosper. click (noun)
cluck, dawn, detent, sink in, clack, fall into place, penetrate, pawl, mouse click, chink, clink, flick, tick, snap, come home, suction stop, chatter, get through, get across, dog.
event (noun)
clink, chink.
metallic sound (noun)
clack, snap, tick, bang.
tick (noun)


contact (verb)
snap, flick.
fall into place (verb)
come off, hit it off, pan out, succeed, go, go over.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

chime, hiss, creak, befriend, hover, take up with, drag-and-drop, crow, mewl, double-click, groan, creaking, succeed. backspace, burble, applaud, cough, gurgle, grunt, bleep, get in with, plop, fall in with, ding, grate. beep. cheer, input, peep, babble. key, crunch. keen, drag. relate, connect, communicate. buzz, blow. pop. go. agree
fall in with.
get along with
hit it off.
go over.
Other relevant words:
chink, pan out, come off, keen, go over, sink in, backspace, relate, succeed, dog, chime, hiss, double-click, groan, cluck, flick, pop, go, prosper, pawl, mouse click, tick, grunt, hover, suction stop, clink, detent, blow, work out, communicate, crunch, dawn, fall into place, creaking, chatter, connect, get through, come home, get across, penetrate, work, drag-and-drop, hit it off, cheer.

Usage examples for click

  1. We would hear then a click when the signal started and another when it stopped. – Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son by John Mills
  2. Click does the trick. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  3. The only click I heard was when my ear hit the ground. – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman