Synonyms for Thirdly:


to begin with, secondly, firstly, last but not least, Et cetera, second, and so on/forth, ...or something (like that), lastly. thirdly (noun)

Other synonyms:

Et cetera, secondly, lastly. firstly. second. Other relevant words:
lastly, secondly, firstly, second.

Usage examples for thirdly

  1. He gazed at us like a farmer surveying his flocks and, after a long silence, said curtly in excellent Greek that he absolved the Alexandrians from all guilt towards him: first- he counted as if he were summoning individual veterans to reward them- from respect for the illustrious founder of our city, Alexander, the conqueror of the world; secondly, because the greatness and beauty of Alexandria filled him with admiration; and, thirdly he turned to Arius as he spoke- to give pleasure to his admirable and beloved friend. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers