Synonyms for Crimp:


shut off, kill off, squeeze out, suppress, interfere with, stamp out, hold back, cut into. condition, rumple, braid, barbershop, Rimple, cornrow, backcomb, comb, smooth, crumple, blow-dry, comb out. cut, chop, chisel, chip away, card, chase, drill, file, flail. crimp (noun)
flexure, frizz, crease, bend, kink, pinch, plication, crimper, frizzle, fold, crape, kink up.
curl (noun)
hindrance (noun)
drawback, encumbrance, entanglement, blockage, barrier, complication, constipation, damper, impediment, obstruction, frustration, restriction, congestion, deterrent, interruption, inhibition, obstacle, disadvantage, impedance, bafflement, opposition, stoppage, hindrance, restraint, impasse, hurdle, blockade, entrapment, constraint, resistance.
plication (noun)
wrinkle (noun)
corrugation, Infold, flection.


contact (verb)
fold or curl (verb)
set, pleat, frizz, crumple, coil, crease, wave, wrinkle, Rimple.
hinder (verb)
delay, bottleneck, complicate, congest, deter, mire, clog, restrict, foul, tangle, cripple, constrain, frustrate, snag, entangle, dam, impede, stay, block, snarl, counter, oppose, bar, encumber, choke, restrain, interrupt, obstruct, bung, detain, plug, impair, jam, resist, brake, stop, drag, handicap, curb, constipate, cramp, entrap, check, hamstring, inhibit, catch, thwart, baffle, paralyze, hinder, hamper, fetter, burden.
wrinkle (verb)
furrow, corrugate, double, pleat, tuck, gather, ripple, pucker, crease, wrinkle, fold.

Other synonyms:

backcomb, Rimple, cornrow, blow-dry, comb out. comb, rumple, braid, chip away. chisel, flail, crumple. stamp out, condition. chop, chase. smooth. file. drill. cut, card. set. wrinkle

Usage examples for crimp

  1. Pick the straw with the crimp in the end- I can do that, even if I can't push one out further again. – Let'em Breathe Space by Lester del Rey
  2. Right in where they put a crimp in the surplus and make plots to slip things over on the Commerce Board! – Torchy, Private Sec. by Sewell Ford
  3. But you might hint to him that if another big strike is pulled it's apt to be a long one, and in that case the movie business will get a crimp put in it. – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford