Synonyms for Gum:


cola nut, horse chestnut, acorn, latex, kernel, nutshell, cone, cork. corner, dry, dribble, gingivitis, froth, epiglottis, agape, gargle, Adam's Apple, furry. bond, stick, cling, cleave to, cement, adhere, tape. paste, fixative, adhesive, epoxy resin, Blu-Tack, binder. candy, candy bar, candy apple, chew, candyfloss, candy cane, bubble gum, center, bonbon, caramel. adhesive (noun)
gum (noun)
mucilage, gum tree, chewing gum, glue, mumble, gingiva.
resin (noun)
bitumen, amber, mastic, ambergris, oleoresin, agar, algin, pitch, varnish, asphalt, resin, chicle, gum ammoniac, lacquer, guaiacum, mineral pitch, rosin, shellac, coal tar, camphor, myrrh, tar, sealing wax, copalite, frankincense, gum shellac.
sticky substance (noun)
cement, mucilage, glue, tar, pitch, paste, amber, rosin, adhesive, resin.
tree (noun)
breadfruit, sequoia, cassia, oak, banyan, maple, pecan, beech, redwood, tree, cypress, magnolia, apricot, avocado, palm, lime, lemon, willow, coconut, papaya, elder, ironwood, dogwood, acacia, juniper, butternut, orange, apple, laurel, citron, mahogany, yew, weeping willow, mountain ash, cottonwood, almond, sandalwood, mangrove, cedar, teak, fir, tamarack, larch, chestnut, cherry, sycamore, mulberry, aspen, rosewood, peach, spruce, eucalyptus, mimosa, hickory, balsa, birch, quince, linden, pine, poplar, walnut, balsam, cashew, elm, ash, alder, ebony, fig, pear, locust.
trees (noun)
bay, bay tree, baobab.


consumption (verb)

Other synonyms:

epoxy resin, acorn, kernel, adhesive, nutshell, cone, latex, cork, horse chestnut, Blu-Tack, cola nut. fixative, tape. binder, paste. glue
cement, glue.
Other relevant words:
bond, stick, candy, dry, center, agape, caramel, mumble, chewing gum, adhesive, corner, tape, chew, froth, fixative, cone, binder, paste, gingiva, baobab, cement, glue, bonbon, Blu-Tack, latex, dribble, adhere, acorn, gargle, mucilage, epiglottis, cling, nutshell, cork, bubble gum, gingivitis, kernel, furry, candyfloss, bay, gum tree.

Usage examples for gum

  1. The wound was not yet healed, and the amazing thing about it was that he had covered it with some kind of sticky vegetable gum probably from some pine- tree that had been split or barked close to the ground where Musquash could reach it easily. – A Little Brother to the Bear and other Animal Stories by William Long