Synonyms for Notched:


all (adjective)
serrated, serrate, saw-toothed, toothed.
blemished (adjective)
fractured, distorted, impure, flawed, tarnished, specked, blistered, slit, Scuffed, marked, defaced, spoiled, scraped, pockmarked, scratched, blemished, Nicked, cracked, damaged, splotched, imperfect, tainted, marred, blotched, spotted, scarred, stained, discolored, flecked, abraded, gashed, defective, Hacked, Scored, chipped, disfigured, freckled, deformed, Scabbed.
gaping (adjective)
slit, cracked, gaping, breached, broken, cleaved.
having toothed edge (adjective)
incised, erose.
irregular (adjective)
nicked (adjective)
saw-toothed, jagged, serrated, rough, serrate.
notched (adjective)
serrated, cut, cracked, chinked, gashed, Jogged, slit, incised, Scored, Nicked, indented, split.


irregular. notched (noun)
rough, jaggy, toothed, saw-toothed, serrate, jagged, serrated, erose.


blemished (verb)
hurt, checked, defected, Kinked, Blotted, slitted, dotted.
notched (verb)
incised, cracked, slitted, chinked, split, serrated, Nicked, cut, cleaved, Scored, gashed, indented.

Other synonyms:

irregular. Other relevant words:
jaggy, jagged, toothed, rough, saw-toothed, irregular, serrate, erose.

Usage examples for notched

  1. Seeds adherent, one to four, broad, notched blunt, dark brown. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  2. For instance, if the stick had but one notch, it scores one point for the player; a three- notched stick scores three points, etc. – Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium by Jessie H. Bancroft