Synonyms for Tip:


summit (adjective)
highest, zenith, crowning, apex, Capping, acme, pinnacle, top, extreme, summit, topmost, loftiest, Headmost, uppermost, maximum, peak, Culminating.


grease, spend, disburse, invest in, handout, put up, bear the cost/expense etc., small change, finance, money, fund, pay out. state secret, knowledge, secret, secrecy, inkling, stealth, trade secret, buzz, bang, confidentiality, intimacy, confidence, hidden agenda, whisper, conspiracy of silence, in. limb, snout, ridge, protrusion, overhang, Mucro, flap, protuberance, sharp, arm, acicula, mucronation, cusp, projection, Acumination. largess, precognition, Cumshaw, predict, foretell, foresee, promise, forecast, presentiment, prediction, premonition, perquisite, prophecy. double time, expense account, flow-on, flexible benefits, company car, expenses, combat pay, commission, benefit. sing, law, rat, binman, squeal, bonfire, talk, snitch, stool, dumping ground, dustman, curbside collection, disposal, garbage disposal, garbage collector, dump, fink, blow the whistle, tattle, garbage dump. hovel, hellhole, pit, shambles, slum, jungle, bomb site. ram, run over, smash into, HIT, strike, slam, collide, crash, bump. drop, fall, slip, go down, plummet, descend, lose your balance/footing, plunge, lower, come down. deflate, empty, clear, unpack, turn out. advice (noun)
counsel, guidance, reassurance, input, intelligence, cue, caution, direction, advice, caveat, prompt, message, information, encouragement, instruction, hint, clue, suggestion, news, pointer, advocacy, warning, recommendation, briefing, monition.
edge (noun)
margin, border, ring, side, edge, boundary, precipice, frontier limit, fringe, curb, brink, outline, coast, fence, perimeter, sharpness, brim, rim, periphery.
fringe benefit (noun)
gratuity paid (noun)
gift, handout, small change, money, pourboire, cue, sweetener, reward, perquisite, compensation.
payment (noun)
perforator (noun)
drill, puncture, spur, bore, bit, lance, arrow, auger, punch, gouge, needle, Perforator, skewer, stick, spike, point, poker, blade, penetrator, thorn, die, spear.
prediction (noun)
recompense (noun)
reward (noun)
compensation, sweepstakes, award, allotment, incentive, temptation, carrot, wage, tribute, allowance, consideration, bonus, remuneration, enticement, payment, wages, grant, gift, plum, lure, honorarium, prize, treat, stipend, sweetener, reward, inducement, bounty, stimulation, gratuity, amends, atonement.
shape (noun)
peak, point.
summit (noun)
cap, uppermost point, brow, crest, climax, culmination, topmost point, highest point, limit, extremity, crown.
tip (noun)
confidential information, gratuity, peak, bakshis, pourboire, tiptoe, backsheesh, summit, bung, point, crest, baksheesh, angle, bakshish, lead, tippytoe, tilt, wind, hint, top, crown, steer, lean.
top (noun)
elite, roof.
very top (noun)
cap, summit, apex, cusp, crown, extremity, stub, point, peak, nip, edge.
warning (noun)


give inside information (verb)
clue, hint, caution, prompt, steer.
knock over; cause to lean (verb)
empty, lean, dump, overturn, tilt.
reward (verb)
honor, induce, tempt, sweeten, remunerate, pay, entice, give, compensate.

Other synonyms:

bomb site, mucronation, acicula, hellhole, cusp, perquisite, Cumshaw, Mucro, Acumination, shambles, hovel. tip-up, largess, snitch. jungle, tattle, unpack, squeal. deflate, slum. sing. empty. turn out. pit, talk. clear. reward

Usage examples for tip

  1. This day week I was up to Fowey, working on the tip – The Ship of Stars by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. But I'll give you one tip get yourself a girl. – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair