Synonyms for Adage:


cheer, citation, cite, binomial, battle cry. words. adage (noun)
maxim, axiom, saying, saw, byword, precept, proverb.
aphorism (noun)
study atsaying.
communication (noun)
proverb, saw, byword.
instruction (noun)
dictum, catchword, code, bidding, precept, moral, ordinance, directive, doctrine, proverb, instruction, motto, teaching, byword, saw, rule, saying, edict, policy, credo, principle, axiom.
maxim (noun)
mantra, maxim, cliche.
phrase (noun)
paragraph, figure of speech, slogan, phraseology, catchphrase, metaphor, clause, phrase, sentence, Verbalism, euphemism, idiom, expression, epigram, mannerism, locution, terminology.
saying or proverb (noun)
dictum, axiom, saw, precept, byword, maxim, motto.

Other synonyms:

battle cry. cheer, cite, binomial. citation. Other relevant words:
binomial, cheer, citation, cite, words, battle cry.

Usage examples for adage

  1. But later, when everybody seemed to want that kind, even the valuable aid of the rhyming dictionary did not disprove the adage that poets are born, not made. – Betty Wales Freshman by Edith K. Dunton
  2. It is an old adage All is fair in love as in war," but I thought not of general laws, and only felt a private grievance. – Half a Century by Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm