Synonyms for Shrewd:


clever, intelligent (adjective)
cunning, canny, smart, astute, calculating, cagey, tricky, smooth, foxy, slippery, streetwise, artful, ingenious, wily, quick-witted, perceptive, slick, sharp, knowing, sly, savvy, wise, crafty.
cunning (adjective)
slippery, wily, canny, slick, subtle, masterly, tricky, cunning, serpentine, feline, deft, wary, astute, quick, skillful, devious, ingenious, crafty, sharp, snaky, artful, masterful, witty, calculating, foxy, scheming, designing, sly, smooth, clever.
intuitive (adjective)
clever, intuitive, instinctual, wily, insightful, cunning, sly, far-sighted, sophisticated, artful, tricky, canny, crafty, instinctive, astute.
knowing (adjective)
intellectual, experienced, intelligent, competent, cognizant, streetwise, informed, canny, encylopedic, educated, learned, versed, wise, knowing, omniscient, erudite.
sharp (adjective)
witty (adjective)
canny, deft, foxy, sly, funny, cunning, scintillating, intelligent, waggish, inventive, adroit, wily, scurrilous, comical, brilliant, urbane, quick, artful, facetious, resourceful, sophisticated, quick-witted, tricky, joking, sparkling, jocular, droll, pointed, sarcastic, smart, ingenious, subtle, astute, dry, crafty, clever, witty, sharp, pithy.


able, bright, academic. deductive, savvy, reasoned, ability, careful, cagey, meditative, thoughtful, sound. clever (noun)
cunning (noun)
shrewd (noun)
calculative, smart, conniving, astute, hard, calculating, sharp, scheming.

Other synonyms:

cagey, thoughtful, savvy. Other relevant words:
artful, reasoned, bright, calculative, cagey, academic, careful, savvy, able, deductive, thoughtful, meditative, sound, perceptive, hard, conniving, ability.

Usage examples for shrewd

  1. And I thought I was so shrewd – Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather
  2. Max's shrewd look rested for a moment on his host. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell