Synonyms for Crepe:


fabric (adjective)
chenille, plaid, worsted, paisley, foulard, dacron, batik, denim, acrilan, bunting, burlap, orlon, damask, seersucker, cambric, grenadine, nylon, twill, net, gabardine, fleece, madras, challis, velvet, tricot, moleskin, longcloth, alpaca, crinoline, baize, gingham, duffel, tarpaulin, chiffon, jersey, broadcloth, Celanese, quilting, horsehair, silk, calico, tweed, velour, felt, satin, cotton, linen, taffeta, cashmere, astrakhan, oilcloth, suede, sharkskin, chintz, herringbone, rayon, matting, serge, corduroy, percale, tulle, sacking sailcloth, mohair, flannel, sateen, cheesecloth, muslin, lame, wool, canvas, gossamer, fabric, brocade.


coir, buckram, barkcloth. egg, chicken-fried steak, dumpling, casserole, couscous, dish, chili con carne, cutlet, croquette. crepe (noun)
crepe paper, crape, French Pancake.
paper (noun)
cellophane, manila, blotting paper, tarpaper, wax paper, cardboard, rice paper, papier-mache, parchment, onionskin, wall paper, carbon paper, newsprint, Note paper, roofing paper, bond, paper, tissue, vellum, foolscap, wrapping paper.
rubber (noun)
foam, rubber, foam rubber, latex.
substance (noun)
crepe paper.

Other synonyms:

French pancake
French Pancake.
croquette, chili con carne, chicken-fried steak. casserole, dumpling, couscous, cutlet. egg. dish. rubber
foam, foam rubber.
Other relevant words:
couscous, egg, barkcloth, cutlet, rubber, crape, croquette, buckram, latex, dish, crepe paper, foam, dumpling, French Pancake, coir, casserole.

Usage examples for crepe

  1. Pathetic rows of limp black dresses and on the shelves two black crepe bonnets were mute reminders of the little old lady. – The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. Mrs. Wiggs was hopelessly entangled in the crepe veil, but her ideas of etiquette were rigid. – Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Caldwell Hegan