Synonyms for Harvest:


bring, derive, gain, find, come by, get together, accept. assemblage, arsenal, assembly, bank, bevy, summer, fall, batch, month, autumn, battery, assortment, bale, agglomeration, season. agricultural, agrochemical, the CAP, agriculture, breed, agronomy, fruitage, agribusiness, agrarian, ingestion, agroindustry, Agronomics. combine, corn, arable, pick, cash crop, cultivate, cultivated, crop circle, crop rotation. influence, the upshot (of something), the aftermath, end result, side effect, impact. crop (noun)
fruitage, yielding, grain, vegetable.
effect (noun)
sequent, resultant.
harvest (noun)
glean, harvest home, reap, harvesting, harvest time, crop.
produce (noun)
product (noun)


acquire (verb)
buy, lure, fetch, heap, wrangle, win, corner, incur, assume, pocket, land, score, obtain, receive, accumulate, secure, palm, garner, net, add, claim, purchase, retrieve.
gathering of produce (verb)
amass, acquire, garner, gather, get, glean, crop, collect, reap, pick, accumulate.
take (verb)
annex, deprive, capture, collect, usurp, take, bag, commandeer, amass, impound, confiscate, procure, get, monopolize, abduct, reap, grab, catch, gather, acquire, appropriate, levy, nab.

Other synonyms:

end product, fruitage, resultant. effect, upshot, sequence, sequel, outcome, aftermath. corollary, consequence. ramification, fall. pick, issue. event. harvest-home
harvest home.

Usage examples for harvest

  1. Perhaps the heat of the harvest time had been too great for one so young. – Child's Story of the Bible by Mary A. Lathbury
  2. In his pocket he had ten dollars- ample seed corn, he believed, for a golden harvest – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe