Synonyms for Piercing:


high (adjective)
piping, treble, shrieky, shrilly.
intelligent (adjective)
intense to the senses (adjective)
excruciating, painful, agonizing, penetrating, earsplitting, knifelike, treble, keen, shooting, bitter, shrill, high-pitched, deafening, sharp, acute, severe, high, stabbing, biting, loud.
knifelike (adjective)
loud (adjective)
earsplitting, ear-piercing.
painful (adjective)
uncomfortable, bitter, grueling, harrowing, chafing, burdensome, distressful, cruel, grievous, hurtful, oppressive, disagreeable, offensive, trying, miserable, horrendous, anguishing, cutting, arduous, biting, inflaming, aggravating, Cramping, severe, unpleasant, tormenting, agonizing, Irksome, Besetting, sore, smarting, painful, unbearable, throbbing, stabbing, stinging, insufferable, irritating, withering, wrenching, woeful, Torturing., bothersome, aching, annoying, odious, acute, troublesome, Gnawing, crushing, excruciating.
screaming (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
lancinating, sharp, stabbing.
shrill (adjective)
reedy, scratching, creaky, raucous, shrill, cutting, jangling, squeaky, penetrating, harsh, strident, jarring, rasping, high-pitched, earsplitting, ear-piercing, screeching, hoarse, whining, grating, loud, screaming, Caterwauling, treble, whistling, deafening, scraping, squealing, shrieking, acute.


sparkling, brilliant, glittering, glittery, polished, shiny, glaring, dazzling, bright, gleaming. informed, conversant, awake to something, knowledgeable, aware, omniscient, big, clued up, au fait, shooting, knowing, familiar with something. burning, blind, shrilly, deep, affective, deep-seated, basic, piping, acutely, depth, casual, shrieky. riotous, Ear-splitting, can't hear yourself think, noisy, uproarious. tattoo, body piercing, nosering, pierce, tattooist. insertion (noun)
insertion, injection, introduction, implantation, Interlocation, intrusion, infiltration, insinuation, lodgement.
piercing (noun)
keen, penetrating, lancinate, perceptive, stabbing, sharp, cacophonic, shrill, knifelike, cacophonous, high, high-pitched, penetrative, acute, discriminating, cutting, lancinating, incisive.
shrillness (noun)
scratchiness, acuteness, hoarseness, harshness, sharpness, whistle, squeal, scream, reediness, stridency, highness, raucousness, creakiness, screech, shrillness, caterwaul.


inserting (verb)
Introducing, lodging, Injecting, Inserting, Insinuating, Interposing, Implanting, Embedding, intruding, Infiltrating.
perforating (verb)
sticking, Puncturing, poking, Gouging, Perforating, drilling, Punching, Spearing, needling, pointing, Lancing, Skewering, boring, Spiking.

Other synonyms:

body piercing, noisy, uproarious, Ear-splitting, tattooist, shrieky, riotous, piping, loud, shrilly. pierce, glaring, tattoo. shooting. thunderous
Other relevant words:
incisive, shrieky, high, loud, glaring, keen, discriminating, bright, cacophonic, lancinating, tattoo, sharp, body piercing, shrilly, deep, noisy, lancinate, pierce, tattooist, shooting, uproarious, piping, cacophonous, earsplitting, Ear-splitting, knifelike, perceptive, penetrative, riotous, deafening, burning.

Usage examples for piercing

  1. So piercing did it grow that she had to shade her eyes with her arm. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
  2. His face was stern and cruel, and his eyes were bold and piercing – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor