Synonyms for Lodging:


inhabiting (adjective)
dwelling, aboriginal, native, Inhabiting, Residing, endemic, Occupying, domestic, indigenous.


duplex, accommodations, accommodation, port, cover, refuge, harbor, bachelor pad, shelter, protection, bachelor apartment, bedsit, asylum, condo. resort, cohousing, active adult community, in-law apartment, council house, home unit, hotel, Group Home, gated community, inn, address, lodge, motel, Doublewide, affordable housing. place, dig. accommodation for rent (noun)
home, address, shelter, apartment, hotel, cover, inn, dwelling, motel, place, room, lodge, abode, lodgment, resort, protection, port, castle, quarters, residence, habitation, domicile, harbor.
apartment (noun)
apartments (noun)
flat, dormitory, room, suite, tenement, apartment.
house (noun)
house, residence, chateau, bungalow, dwelling, quarters, cabin, abode, hacienda, castle, Casa, home, habitation, condominium, domicile, mansion, cottage, villa, homestead.
lodging (noun)
housing, lodgement, living accommodations, lodgment.
occupancy (noun)
colonization, occupation, inhabitation, tenancy.
quarters (noun)
room (noun)


inhabiting (verb)
inserting (verb)
Injecting, Interposing, penetrating, Introducing, Insinuating, Infiltrating, Embedding, intruding, Implanting, piercing, Inserting.
occupying (verb)
squatting, Staying, Colonizing, Roosting, Billeting, quartering, housing.

Other synonyms:

shelter. place. Other relevant words:
living accommodations, hotel, accommodation, accommodations, dig, address, lodge, inn, lodgement, protection, motel, lodgment, resort, asylum, shelter, place.

Usage examples for lodging

  1. There were but few people in the streets, and none of the older folk from whom I might ask counsel or a lodging so I stood and knocked at the door of a house. – The Blue Flower, and Others by Henry van Dyke
  2. Where they at night found lodging now have they struck the tent. – The Lay of the Cid by R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon
  3. I was sent from my lodging this morning, because I had no money to pay. – Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams