Synonyms for Hospice:


alternative medicine, asylum, anesthesia, acupressure, shelter, protection, artificial insemination, anaesthesia, acupuncture, home, aftercare, Artificial Feeding, aromatherapy, analgesia, hospital. day care, care home, clinic, General Hospital, Halfway House, field hospital, day center, General Practice, funny farm. hospital (noun)
shelter, clinic, hospital, asylum.
hotel (noun)
dormitory, motor court, inn, rooming house, roadhouse, resort, hotel, motel, boarding house, hostel.

Other synonyms:

hospital, asylum. shelter. home. Other relevant words:
clinic, home, shelter, asylum, Halfway House, hospital.

Usage examples for hospice

  1. He was a little boy just like me, no better and no bigger, and as poor; and yet he had so much faith, and the world then was so good, that he left his sheep and got money enough to build a church and a hospice to Christ and St. Christopher. – Bimbi by Louise de la Ramee
  2. The Greek Church is the strongest branch of the Christians in Jerusalem, having eighteen monasteries, with schools, churches, a hospital, hospice and a printing press. – Cities of the Dawn by J. Ewing Ritchie