Synonyms for Seat:


nourish, serve, accommodate, thwart, lay on, settee, feed, cater, couch, settle, take in, ply with. apartment building, bungalow, accommodation, bunkhouse, apartment, chateau, chalet, boarding house, adobe, cabin. disaster area, destination, profession, dodge city, cradle, job, trade, dumping ground, cattle auction, aerie, anchorage, dust trap, center of excellence. breast pocket, coattails, armhole, care label, bodice, support, fitting, buttonhole, bib, collar. chaise, armrest, occupy a place, chaise lounge, arm, chesterfield, chaise longue, backrest. floor, buttock, moviegoer, full house, bun, house, over, mosh pit, concertgoer, audience, box office, the gate, captive audience. cram, crate, bag, footing, substratum, embed, bury, bottle, box, entomb, ground, Underpinning. edge, focus, gallop, bridle, canter, heart, headquarters, dismount, groom, hub, center, break in, equestrian, bareback. curl up, fall, bed down, cuddle up, collapse, lay, hunker down, down, bunk, flop. dissolution, parliament, lower house, dissolve, parliamentarian, chamber, diet, the Dail, constituency. base, foundation (noun)
bottom, fitting, support, footing, ground.
bottom (noun)
tush, buttock.
buttocks (noun)
behind, can, fanny, butt.
central location of organization (noun)
heart, house, place, center, headquarters, cradle, hub.
chair (noun)
lounge chair, sofa, bucket seat, lawn chair, chair, campstool, armchair, sedan chair, throne, bar stool, pew, saddle, rocker, dining chair, bench, deck chair, stool, furniture, hassock, ottoman, swing, straight chair, swivel chair, recliner, rumble seat.
furniture for sitting, reclining (noun)
couch, recliner, bench, chaise lounge, chesterfield, stool, settle, pew, chair, settee.
location (noun)
rear (noun)
caboose, bottom, hind, derriere, behind, fanny, posterior, stern, rear, back, backside, tail, rump.
rear end of animate being (noun)
fundament, posterior, backside, rear end, fanny, tush, rump, keister, behind, rear.
seat (noun)
hind end, bum, sit down, induct, butt, place, tail end, fanny, buns, sit, hindquarters, backside, fundament, tail, behind, posterior, keister, tooshie, bottom, rear, rump, tush, stern, nates, derriere, rear end, prat, invest, can, buttocks.


contact (verb)
sit down, sit.
place in furniture, position (verb)
sit, accommodate.

Other synonyms:

buttock. bun, footing, substratum, focus. center, ground, Underpinning, headquarters, hub. heart. settle. rear-end
rear end.
Other relevant words:
floor, headquarters, accommodation, buns, tail end, chateau, cradle, footing, hindquarters, tush, couch, center, buttock, buttocks, place, support, nates, trade, butt, bun, apartment, accommodate, fitting, thwart, hind end, fundament, invest, sit, tooshie, embed, prat, bungalow, keister, can, box, settee, heart, house, chaise lounge, profession, Underpinning, ground, hub, chesterfield, job, induct, settle, substratum, lay, bum, focus.