Synonyms for Anchorage:


cattle auction, dumping ground, aerie, destination, center of excellence, disaster area, cradle, dust trap, dodge city. dockyard, harbour, basin, landing, dry-dock. anchorage (noun)
anchorage ground.
harbor (noun)
mooring (noun)
haven, port, harbor, dock, wharf, refuge.
roadstead (noun)
mooring, safety, breakwater, landing place, embankment, port, harbor, quay, berth, dock, pier, haven, embarcadero, resting place, wharf, jetty, harborage, Facilities, amphibious installation, refuge.

Other synonyms:

landing place, resting place, disaster area, jetty, center of excellence, dust trap, dry-dock, cradle, dodge city, quay, refuge, wharf, dockyard, dumping ground. basin, destination, aerie, dock, harbor. berth, landing. Other relevant words:
harbour, mooring, berth, harborage, destination, jetty, dock, landing, basin, breakwater, haven, embankment, quay, refuge, pier, harbor, dockyard, port, wharf, landing place.

Usage examples for anchorage

  1. About seven o'clock the State of Texas got under way, steamed back to Siboney, and succeeded in finding an anchorage in what looked like a very dangerous position, close to the rocks, on the eastern side of the cove. – Campaigning in Cuba by George Kennan
  2. She saw him fighting his losing battle alone, protecting David but never himself; carrying Lucy to her quiet grave; sitting alone in his office, while the village walked by and stared at the windows; she saw him, gaining harbor after storm, and finding no anchorage there. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart