Synonyms for Bottle:


ampoule, butt, atomizer, basin, bath, aerosol. self-confidence, temerity, pride, audacity, confidence, self-esteem, chutzpah, composure, assurance, self-assurance. bury, entomb, center, cram, embed, bed. carton, mug, level, glassful, cupful. dry, irradiate, homogenize, dehydration, cure, flash-freeze, dehydrate. bottle (noun)
canteen, carboy, thermos, flagon, Flacon, bottleful, vial, gourd, phial, carafe, cruet.
container (noun)
bladder, holder, wallet, decanter, flask, jar, reservoir, suitcase, jug, vat, stomach, cask, receptacle, drawer, purse, vault, tray, closet, chest, bag, bin, locker, tank, barrel, cupboard, case, pocket, repository, sack, crate, pouch, box, shelf, cup, trunk, cabinet, container, bucket, bowl, belly, ladle, drum, basket, storage.
container, usually for liquids (noun)
cruet, vial, urn, flask, jug, glass, jar, canteen, vacuum bottle, phial, decanter, flagon, ewer, carafe.
preservation (noun)
asylum, freezing, archive, preservation, bank, Embalming, sanctuary, can, library, quick-freeze, refrigeration, mummification, conservation.


preserve (verb)
embalm, freeze, marinate, preserve, refrigerate, mummify, conserve, petrify.

Other synonyms:

ampoule, basin, cram, flash-freeze, atomizer, aerosol, glassful, demiJohn, butt, pitcher, carton, ewer. entomb, homogenize, dehydration, bath. irradiate, glass. embed, mug, cure, center. bury. bed. dry. level. Other relevant words:
basin, dehydration, vacuum bottle, cruse, dehydrate, demiJohn, homogenize, pride, dry, temerity, mug, carton, glass, cupful, flash-freeze, urn, self-confidence, center, caster, aerosol, audacity, entomb, self-assurance, ampoule, cram, butt, ewer, glassful, irradiate, composure, fiasco, bed, level, confidence, self-esteem, bury, chutzpah, bottleful, bath, atomizer, embed, cure, assurance, pitcher.

Usage examples for bottle

  1. She walked to a window and threw the bottle away. – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben
  2. There was liquor enough to last some days, but the next bottle would not last as long, and he knew there would be another. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss
  3. Many a time she had kept them in a big bottle until she tired of watching them, or they died because she forgot to change the water often enough. – The Ranch at the Wolverine by B. M. Bower