Synonyms for Edge:


edge (adjective)
coastal, Rimming, boundary, extreme, brim, border, ringing, fringe, marginal, peripheral.
limiting (adjective)
confining, limiting, maximum, restricting, Terminating, Restraining, extreme, bounding, zenith, utmost, constraining.


crush, smash, overpower, knife, knock out, beat, thrash, razor, win, overcome, blade, defeat. contradiction, difference, variety, distinction, sharp, diversity, variation, collision, a world of difference, divergence, contrast. bit, broomstick, bristle, chuck, the business end, attachment, claw. encircle, hem in, outskirt, enclose, contain, kettle, environs, suburb, engulf, envelop. rocket, skyrocket, tumble, depreciation, come down, rally, cool off, start. crawl, dawdle, advantage, superiority, creep, meander, ease, over, vantage, inside track, bulge, trail, drift, jump, drop, drop back, fall behind, upper hand, better. glimmer, glitter, glint, outpouring, smoke signal, gleam, fireworks. advantage (noun)
start, superiority, vantage, handicap, advantage, head start, bulge, upper hand.
angle (noun)
border, outline (noun)
contour, end, brim, crook, extremity, split, threshold, boundary, side, hook, frontier, curb, fringe, rim, limb, perimeter, bound, corner, brink, periphery, crust, term, circumference, tip, outskirt, trimming, turn, mouth, ring, portal, verge, margin, point, peak, bend, hem, ledge, lip, limit.
cutting tool (noun)
knife, blade.
edge (noun)
outline, coast, tip, margin, fence, curb, sharpness, frontier limit, periphery, ring, precipice, side, perimeter.
limit (noun)
boundary, brink, acme, restriction, bounds, limitation, end, maximum, zenith, fringe, border, rim, confines, limit, cutoff, deadline, extremity, terminus, apex.
location (noun)
nervous (noun)
excited, uptight, irritable, tense.
on edge (noun)
ease, crawl, irritable, tense, creep, uptight.
sharpness (noun)
keenness, tooth, nettle, point.
shelf (noun)
vantage (noun)


border, trim (verb)
defeat narrowly (verb)
ease, creep.
edge (verb)
bound, contour, trace.
limit (verb)
restrain, restrict, terminate.
possession (verb)
sharpen (verb)
sharpen, hone.

Other synonyms:

blade, circumference, advantage, privilege, bristle, inside track, edging, outskirt, the business end, incentive, bevel, skyrocket, cool off, incisiveness, corner, depreciation, head start, virtue, asset. bulge, distinction, chuck, environs, tumble, benefit, threshold. bump, glimmer, glint. gleam. glitter, attachment. base. drop, back. start. good. blade

Usage examples for edge

  1. At the edge of the narrow pass leading to the city they stood still. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. She meanwhile had kept along the edge of the hill by which lay her nearest way home. – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  3. He realized now that it was too near the edge – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods by Laura Lee Hope