Synonyms for Horse:


cocaine, controlled substance, cannabis, hunter, animal, pad, nag, stallion, quadruped, racer, charger, Charlie, pony, Class A drug, piebald, coke, anabolic steroid, acid, pacer, angel dust, hack, mare, mount, steed. cartwheel, gymnastic, stage, acrobatic, support, acrobatics, handstand, trestle, headstand, tripod, gymnastics, bolster, gymnast, scaffold, Chakra, bench. badger, bat, misjudge, anteater, pick the loser, lose, angora, bighorn sheep, black bear. flat racing, dressage, the horses, flat race, horseflesh, going, handicap, furlong, gymkhana, double. animal (noun)
Equus Caballus.
equine species (noun)
mustang, mare, stallion, nag, bronco, pony, steed.
horse (noun)
Equus Caballus, sawbuck, mustang, H, hackney, palomino, turk, jennet, Lippizaner, clydesdale, morgan, welsh pony, thoroughbred, cavalry, Suffolk, shire, belgian, Shetland Pony, diacetylmorphine, Spanish horse, sawhorse, scag, junk, quarter horse, heroin, appaloosa, galloway, bronco, smack, horse cavalry, Percheron, albino, arabian, knight.
mammal (noun)
antelope, caribou, cheetah, cow, polecat, hamster, leopard, fox, buffalo, marmot, possum, dingo, beaver, mule, hare, ibex, burro, chinchilla, panda, hyena, ocelot, donkey, platypus, wolf, sheep, ox, raccoon, giraffe, hippopotamus, cougar, mink, gnu, shrew, wombat, otter, hog, rabbit, echidna, gopher, weasel, skunk, zebra, jackal, elephant, dog, arctic fox, bear, lemming, mouse, kangaroo, squirrel, chipmunk, dromedary, hedgehog, camel, coyote, llama, moose, alpaca, gazelle, bison, rat, stoat, pig, cavy, sloth, yak, goat, rhinoceros, stag, mongoose, deer, swine, lion, reindeer, porcupine, mole, camelopard, sable, cat, ermine, bobcat, opossum, jaguar, panther, ferret, koala, wallaby, elk, tiger, Lynx, puma.
plug (noun)
ungulate (noun)
deer, camel, llama, giraffe, buffalo, hippopotamus, rhinoceros.

Other synonyms:

pony, cartwheel, Chakra, pacer, headstand, gymnastic, handstand, gymnast, gymnastics, acrobatic. acrobatics, hunter. hack. charger
female horse
Other relevant words:
coke, gymnast, charger, quadruped, black bear, double, sawhorse, sawbuck, knight, bolster, scag, pony, acrobatic, piebald, animal, Charlie, acid, lose, handstand, cartwheel, diacetylmorphine, hunter, steed, pad, mare, H, Chakra, hack, horseflesh, angora, pacer, headstand, badger, heroin, mount, handicap, bat, scaffold, going, nag, tripod, Equus Caballus, furlong, racer, cannabis, bench, horse cavalry, cocaine, support, anteater, acrobatics, cavalry, smack, gymnastic, trestle, dressage, gymnastics, misjudge, stage, junk, gymkhana, stallion.

Usage examples for horse

  1. " A horse a horse – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. Major, from what hill did you jump your horse – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  3. At the same time came one to him, and told him the horse were going away. – Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans by Clough, Arthur Hugh