Synonyms for Gloss:


borax, dishwashing liquid, cleaner, bleach, disinfectant, foam, French Polish, air freshener, abrasive, cleanser. membrane, surface, skin, blanket, plate, translation, layer, annotation, commentary, paint, note. masquerade, false colors, smother, bury, recover, pretense, cover, veil, window dressing, pretext, wrap, crown, insulate, veneer, put on, cloak, front, mask, Disguisement, show, face, top, disguise, guise. argument, clarification, outline, instruction, explanation, explain away, extenuate, sleek over, theory, principle, palliate, whitewash, interpretation. body, bushy, bouffant, balding, close-cropped, bad hair day, bedhead, coiffed, bald, bristly. drop cloth, coat, masking tape, gloss paint, paintbrush, grout, distemper, creosote. annotation (noun)
coat (noun)
communication (noun)
covering (noun)
gloss (noun)
glaze, comment, interpretation, rubric, annotation, veneer, annotate, colour, translation, gleam, burnish, luster, note, glossiness, explanation, surface, color, front, sleekness, glossary, polish, commentary, shimmer.
gloss over (noun)
veil, mask, whitewash, disguise, explain away.
shine (noun)
shimmer, gleam.


annotate (verb)
illustrate, define.
buff (verb)
burnish (verb)
gloss (verb)
explain, mask, extenuate, disguise, palliate, shine, veil, whitewash, annotate, interpret.
smooth (verb)
grind, polish, smooth, flatten, even, slick, glaze, sand, plane, burnish, silken, level.

Other synonyms:

clarification, creosote, masking tape, instruction, drop cloth, gloss paint, grout, window dressing, Disguisement, translation, sleekness, false colors, interpretation. guise, define, pretense, theory, principle, masquerade, explanation, distemper. disguise, coat, veneer, argument, whitewash. outline, front, pretext, cloak, shine. luster. mask, put on, veil. face. shine
Other relevant words:
illustrate, bedhead, disinfectant, colour, cloak, bleach, coiffed, face, guise, borax, cover, crown, masquerade, layer, clarify, abrasive, glossary, gleam, sleekness, veil, insulate, glossiness, veneer, outline, bouffant, extenuate, comment, paint, commentary, top, membrane, interpretation, plate, smother, paintbrush, put on, window dressing, wrap, bristly, pretense, recover, sheen, disguise, light, clarification, mask, burnish, shimmer, whitewash, front, bushy, translation, close-cropped, body, principle, note, foam, creosote, palliate, show, luster, pretext, cleanser, instruction, argument, define, color, balding, blanket, bald, theory, cleaner, skin, explanation, rubric, annotate, Disguisement, interpret, shine, annotation, grout, false colors, surface, distemper, coat, bury.

Usage examples for gloss

  1. How he contrived to gloss over his attentions to Jane in such a manner as to deceive those ladies, caused no little surprise; but it was obvious it had been done, and the Moseleys were not without hopes his situation with Jane would not make the noise in the world such occurrences seldom fail to excite. – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  2. He published a book called New Christianity, of which Godwin says: It was an attempt to show, what had been often before attempted, that the spirit and practice of religion were not at one; that there was a wide chasm separating the revelation from the commentary, the text from the gloss the Master from the Disciples. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes
  3. On the way she talked to her kindly, but she did not attempt to gloss over her naughty deed. – Marjorie's Busy Days by Carolyn Wells