Synonyms for Nail:


box, fourpenny, award, staging, copper, flooring, charge, citation, boat, chair, hobnail twopenny, horseshoe, Twelvepenny, Galvanized, finishing, clout, stud, acquittal, bring in a verdict, spiral siding, sixpenny, Tenpenny, headless, doublehead scaffold, bar, shoe, acquit, shingle, cement coated, dry wall, annul, eightpenny, roofing, hob, masonry, cut. capture, join, net, fix, secure, fasten, connect, take, attach, bag. armpit, ball, big toe, calf, clubfoot, arm, appendage, arch, ankle. head, butterfly nut, dowel, plug, nut. trump, upstage, distinguish yourself, make history, smash a record, shine, excel, perform, cap. fastener (noun)
buckle, clamp, agent, bonding, seal, clip, braid, cement, stitch, guy, lace, stay, cinch, knot, coupling, fastener, connector, Vinculum, link, rabbet, go-between, hawser, tack, spike, catch, clasp, weld, lock, paste, middleman, ligament, grapnel, hinge, clinch, cleat, bolt, chain, belt, vise, mucilage, skewer, medium, brace, hasp, hook, splice, rivet, pin, string, button, binder, glue, latch, tie, bond, binding, hitch, twine, staple, band, cotter, suture, mediator, brad, anchor, closure, strap, zipper, fastening, fuse, knitting, thread, bracket, snap, cincture.
nail (noun)
blast, collar, complete, smash, pinpoint, cop, peg, pass with flying colors, nab, breeze through, sail through, ace, arrest, apprehend, nail down, boom, sweep through.
needle (noun)
fishhook, hat pin, gimlet, harpoon, spur, awl, prong, barb, quill, pike, lance, spine, needle, spear, thumbtack.
taking into custody (noun)


capture, arrest (verb)
bag, catch, nab, hook, apprehend, collar, take.
fasten, fix with pointed object (verb)
join, secure, spike, tack, attach, pin.

Other synonyms:

excel, dowel, butterfly nut, fasten. perform, upstage, capture. trump, nut. take. shine. plug, cap. head. take

Usage examples for nail

  1. Rick watched him, envious as always of his pal's ability to let time pass without floor pacing, nail chewing, or other impatient actions. – The Electronic Mind Reader by John Blaine
  2. Here, as in the case of the boy who swallowed the nail it might be expected that the cause was a defect in the organs of speech, but I found stammering was brought on by the nervous shock. – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  3. They had lent thousands of good Imperial thalers, and now a creditor would pay them on the nail a thousand thalers in new money. – Pictures of German Life in the XVth XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, Vol. II. by Gustav Freytag