Synonyms for Debunk:


disprove, dispute, disabuse, repudiate. discredit, puncture, shoot down, explode, deflate, value, knock the bottom out of, shoot full of holes. debunk (noun)
disprove, expose, puncture, explode, deflate, mock, ridicule, show up.
expose (noun)
deflate, demystify.


communication (verb)
disprove, ridicule (verb)
demystify, expose, deflate, puncture, mock, show up.
shame (verb)
shame, ostracize, vilify, mock, show up, ridicule, stigmatize, discomfit, disgrace, scandalize, humiliate, expose, malign, pillory, dishonor.

Other synonyms:

dispute, repudiate, disabuse. deflate. discredit. puncture. explode. reveal
Other relevant words:
shoot full of holes, knock the bottom out of, explode, repudiate, value, puncture, discredit, deflate, disprove, dispute, demystify, disabuse.