Synonyms for Nick:


blowhole, abyss, crater, cavity, aperture, channel, cranny. honest, breathalyze, fleece, book, rip off, take someone to the cleaners, make someone pay through the nose, apprehend, scalp, apprehension, skin, bounty hunter, body search, clip, bust, soak, take someone for a ride, overcharge, arrest, Breath Test. burgle, run away with, mug, steal, loot, walk off with, plunder, help yourself to something, rob. finely, chop, etch, cut-up, cut out. arrest (noun)
bust, apprehension.
blemish (noun)
imperfection, defacement, distortion, abrasion, fault, wart, lesion, spoilage, weal, deformity, scab, stigma, impurity, sore, blotch, disfigurement, brand, eyesore, drawback, discoloration, rift.
chip (noun)
nick (noun)
gouge, chip, dent, notch, snick.
notch (noun)
cleft, crevice, split, serration, indentation, incision, cut, jog, chink, gap, indent.
scratch (noun)
knock, impression, dint.
taking into custody (noun)

n. & v.

nick (noun, verb)
damage, dent, slit, score, notch, knock, dint, scar, cut, indent, mark.


arrest (verb)
book, apprehend.
blemish (verb)
hack, disfigure, kink, check, pockmark, taint, spoil, chip, scuff, blister, discolor, gash, defect, stain, mark, mar, blot, abrade, fracture, damage, spot, scratch, fleck, hurt, distort, scar, flaw, score, scrape, dot, notch, slit, deform, splotch, freckle, speck, tarnish, blemish, deface.
chip (verb)
gash, chop, split, hack, clip, incise, snick.
contact (verb)
notch (verb)
serrate, incise, cleave.

Other synonyms:

scalp. overcharge, fleece. clip. soak. overcharge
Other relevant words:
impression, arrest, take someone for a ride, gouge, bust, scalp, skin, steal, rip off, overcharge, rob, take someone to the cleaners, knock, fleece, soak, make someone pay through the nose, plunder, apprehend, dent, chop, snick, clip, burgle, walk off with, dint.

Usage examples for nick

  1. Nick too, was such a darling; he never minded anything. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. Nick didn't do anything. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell
  3. Poor old Nick how he will hate it! – Shelled by an Unseen Foe by James Fiske