Synonyms for Brand:


ember, stub, charcoal, soot, seal, smoke, cinder, ash, name, fumes. cross-section, sear, welt, earmark, grouping. end product, brand leader, commodity, EMBERS, spark, torch, derivative, byproduct, lineup, generation. cow town, crate, crook, corral, marks, dip, cattle prod, dairy, identify. colophon. blemish (noun)
fracture, gash, nick, lesion, stain, deformity, dot, spot, imperfection, pockmark, chip, damage, slit, drawback, blemish, hack, rift, kink, defect, eyesore, fault, speck, abrasion, scuff, mar, flaw, mark, fleck, tarnish, spoilage, scrape, defacement, splotch, disfigurement, scab, scratch, scar, sore, blister, notch, freckle, discoloration, blot, score, check, hurt, distortion, wart, impurity, stigma, weal, blotch.
brand (noun)
mark, make, stain, denounce, firebrand, stigmatise, stigma, brand name, sword, steel, stigmatize, blade, marque, trade name, post.
category (noun)
kind, genotype, category, denomination, mold, phylum, grain, people, Family, feather, classification, stripe, stock, rank, ilk, taxonomy, line, grade, make, breed, persuasion, species, race, degree, clan, genus, caste, step, series, kingdom, variety, form, style, level, strain.
communication (noun)
brand name, trade name, marque.
cutting tool (noun)
distinctive label, mark (noun)
welt, emblem, logo, brand name, stamp, marker, symbol, logotype, sign.
ember (noun)
indication (noun)
hint, badge, designation, notation, gesticulation, legend, logotype, lighthouse, beacon, figuration, emblem, icon, logo, signpost, crest, marker, token, pointer, semaphore, symbol, sign, denotation, insignia, key, banner, indication, guidepost.
name (noun)
denomination, trade name, name.
product (noun)
shame (noun)
stigma (noun)
blot, stain, stigma, mark, spot.
trademark (noun)
trade name (noun)
brand name.
type, kind (noun)
make, cast, class, species, sort, variety, grade.


attribute (verb)
blame, credit, connect, assign, apply, accredit, set, cast, ascribe, refer, attach, cite, impute, acknowledge, attribute, place.
categorize (verb)
class, type, assort, sort, order, pigeonhole, categorize, arrange, group, classify.
communication (verb)
indicate (verb)
indicate, gesticulate, alert, nudge, gesture, symbolize, point out, designate, label, ticket, stamp, signal, wink, prompt, cue, betoken, beckon, flag, shrug, denote, note, wave, nod, notify, point, guide, motion, tag.
label negatively (verb)

Other synonyms:

credit with, end product, smoke, cinder, cow town, ash, stub, cattle prod, colophon, soot, brand leader, fumes. byproduct, ember, identify, charcoal, commodity. corral. crate, lineup, spark, derivative, generation. crook, rate, dairy. represent. peg, dip. term. attribute
Other relevant words:
firebrand, generation, soot, derivative, ember, dip, sword, commodity, trade name, dairy, torch, stigmatise, represent, cinder, EMBERS, seal, identify, spark, byproduct, term, brand name, ash, welt, stigmatize, lineup, name, fumes, crook, denounce, marks, marque, earmark, peg, colophon, stub, sear, charcoal, steel, corral, post, grouping, smoke, rate, crate, blade.

Usage examples for brand

  1. Was't not enough to brand my father's fame, But thou must load a lady's memory? – The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18) The Duke of Guise; Albion and Albanius; Don Sebastian by John Dryden
  2. Sir Lionel was still at her back; he also might be a brand that had been rescued from the burning. – The Bertrams by Anthony Trollope
  3. Or if ye prefer it, I'll brand you a herd of she stock and let ye go your ways. – Cow-Country by B. M. Bower