Synonyms for Contracts:


agreements (noun)
concordances, settlements, pacts, stipulations, agreements, bonds, concurrences, acceptances, arrangements, covenants, deals, Treaties, accessions, capitulations, accords, understandings, concords.
endeavors (noun)
Undertakings, performances, jobs, engagements, Essays, maneuvers, attempts, Efforts, productions, deeds, adventures, purposes, gambits, actions, approaches, commitments, exploits, enterprises, endeavors, ventures, projects, aims, assays, proceedings.
guarantees (noun)
assurances, affirmations, liens, Securities, Insurances, countersignatures, tokens, deposits, Oaths, Warranties, Certifications, safeguards, Guarantees.
promises (noun)
mutual agreements, vows, obligations.


agrees (verb)
consents, empathizes, welcomes, cooperates, acquiesces, assents, conforms, capitulates, pledges, accepts, blesses, endorses, stipulates, concurs, sanctions, accedes, approves, agrees, affirms, promises.
contracts (verb)
withers, squeezes, condenses.
decreases (verb)
abridges, deducts, lowers, dwindles, abates, recedes, dies down, abbreviates, shortens, curtails, compresses, subsides, lessens, concentrates, compacts, diminishes, erodes, decrements, decreases, truncates, shrinks, deflates, depletes, drains.
diminishes (verb)
lightens, pares, trims, Clips, minimizes, prunes, downgrades, shears, nips, shaves, tapers, reduces, bobs, crops, Culls, weeds.
endeavors (verb)
proceeds, engages, volunteers, undertakes, commits, performs, acts.
hires (verb)
leases, employs, rents.

Usage examples for contracts

  1. In time, when the Japanese have learned that they must abide by written contracts these complaints will be heard no longer. – The Critic in the Orient by George Hamlin Fitch