Synonyms for Ban:


decline, not brook something, clamp down. hush, show, stifle, black out. ban (noun)
cast out, censor, ostracize, blackball, banish, proscription, shun, banning, forbiddance, ostracise, prohibition, bachelor of arts in nursing, forbidding, interdiction.
communication (noun)
prohibition, proscription.
exclusion (noun)
ejection, amputation, relegation, banishment, expatriation, exclusion, repudiation, rejection, abscission, extradition, prohibition, Disallowance, proscription, excommunication, ostracism, deportation, forbiddance, removal, renouncement, disbarment, denial, eradication, boycott, excision, elimination, exile.
interdiction (noun)
limitation, taboo, embargo.
official forbiddance (noun)
embargo, boycott, prohibition, interdiction, suppression, limitation, restriction, injunction, taboo, refusal, proscription.
prohibition (noun)
disapproval, injunction, blockade, refusal, prevention, preclusion, curtailment, inhibition, restraint, suppression, constraint, restriction.
refusal (noun)
refusal, renouncement, forbiddance.
restraint (noun)


dissuade (verb)
daunt, depress, deter, dissuade, admonish, prevent, dampen, disincline, dishearten, inhibit, avert, intimidate, chill, check, discourage, deflect, derail, bar, restrain, divert.
exclude (verb)
eject, disallow, remove, forbid, proscribe, disbar, amputate, exclude, blacklist, extradite, prohibit, excommunicate, eliminate, ostracize, blackball, expatriate, repudiate, relegate, renounce, reject, evict, expel, disqualify, eradicate, banish, deport, deny, ignore, excise, oust.
officially forbid (verb)
enjoin, exclude, prohibit, disallow, bar, restrict, suppress, blackball, inhibit, prevent, proscribe, banish, interdict, outlaw.
prohibit (verb)
curb, disapprove, block, preclude, outlaw, oppress, control, curtail, refuse, suppress, constrain, restrict.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

clamp down, embargo. interdict, silence. dismissal, enjoin. debar, hush, stifle, challenge. resistance. destroy
bar, prohibit.
Other relevant words:
debar, enjoin, interdict, forbidding, interdiction, embargo, banning, ostracise, bachelor of arts in nursing, black out, limitation, dismissal, cast out, taboo, stifle, shun, censor, hush, resistance.

Usage examples for ban

  1. As I greatly admired Wendell Phillips, and appreciated his good opinion, I was surprised and humiliated to find myself under the ban of his disapprobation. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  2. The very sunbeams seemed to echo this melody as they followed closely the two wanderers, as if this man and woman had come beneath their ban and would have some penalty to pay for crossing their shining path so carelessly. – The Northern Light by E. Werner