Synonyms for Smutty:


blue (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
mucky, grimy, slovenly.
impure (adjective)
obscene (adjective)
pornographic, scatologic.
obscene, vulgar (adjective)
foul, off-color, raunchy, suggestive, pornographic, scatological, dirty, lewd, filthy, bawdy, coarse, nasty.
unclean (adjective)
defiled, sloppy, crummy, scatological, shabby, festering, offensive, filthy, foul, slovenly, grimy, mucky, scruffy, septic, grungy, dusty, squalid, unclean, unsanitary, disgusting, infectious, odious, grubby, impure, toxic, obscene, sordid, untidy, icky, dingy, murky, unhygenic, putrid, fetid, insalubrious, muddy, dirty.
uncleanly (adjective)
vulgar (adjective)


hoary, off-color, saucy, cornball, jokey, corny, spicy, naughty. indecent (noun)
lewd, suggestive, pornographic.
smutty (noun)
filthy, foul, nasty, dirty.

Other synonyms:

lewd, Fescennine, uncleanly, cornball, jokey, corny, scatologic, raunchy. barnyard, soiled, hoary, spicy, bawdy, ribald, saucy. scurrilous. naughty, vulgar, profane. coarse, gross. indelicate

Usage examples for smutty

  1. What, sir," said he, turning to the gaping farrier-" what if I promised thee to turn thine every word to a silver sixpence, and thy smutty grins to golden angels- what wouldst thou? – Master Skylark by John Bennett