Synonyms for Disparaging:


contemptuous (adjective)
deprecative, scornful, antipathetic, flippant, satirical, disdainful, contemptuous, Ridiculing, scoffing, jeering, sardonic, derisive, abusive, insulting, mocking, sarcastic.
critical (adjective)
caviling, Fault-finding, judgmental, harsh, derogatory, picky, pedantic, carping, captious, finicky, critical.
derogative (adjective)
derogatory, pejorative, depreciatory.


accusatory, acrid, astringent, blistering, biting, pejorative, depreciatory, accusing, ad hominem, barbed, praise, low, detractive, deprecatory, slighting, acerbic, depreciative, acid. disparaging (noun)
derogatory, uncomplimentary, derogative.


criticizing (verb)
detracting (verb)
Maligning, Discounting, Defaming, casting aspersion, depreciating, Decrying, reducing, Derogating, diminishing, Detracting, lessening, Abrading.
disapproving (verb)
denigrating, deprecating, Renouncing, admonishing, upbraiding, Deriding, Castigating, Censuring, chastening, disapproving, criticizing, Reproaching, Blaming, Chastising, Defiling, Vilifying, condemning, chiding, Denouncing, Discrediting, scorning.
protesting (verb)
lamenting, grouching, Objecting, complaining, protesting, Deploring.

Other synonyms:

depreciative, depreciatory, detractive, deprecatory. pejorative, slighting. low. Other relevant words:
acrid, depreciative, accusatory, barbed, acid, depreciatory, slighting, uncomplimentary, astringent, blistering, derogative, deprecatory, low, biting, praise, pejorative, accusing, detractive, acerbic.

Usage examples for disparaging

  1. " Do you think that all the folks who ever go anywhere in this world are river drivers and"- she shot a quick and disparaging glance at the still glowering Wade-" drummers?" – King Spruce, A Novel by Holman Day
  2. This with a disparaging look at the rather smart costume of the newly- arrived housemaid. – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume