Synonyms for Innocuous:


all (adjective)
harmless (adjective)
inoffensive, unobjectionable, kind, bland, innocent, safe, jejune, innoxious, insipid, weak.
innocent (adjective)
blameless, pure-hearted, untainted, spotless, snowy, chaste, guiltless, childlike, unspotted, virginal, unblemished, angelic, white, unsophisticated, innocent, untarnished, naive.
moderate (adjective)
gentle, moderate, cool, alleviated, soothing, restrained, subdued, easy, relaxed, pacific, quiet, temperate, composed, soft, tranquil, calm.
washy (adjective)


sound, secure, protective, avoidable, controllable, preventable. help, Unoffensive, Hurtless. jejune, wishy-washy, washy, bland, excite, watery, vapid, good, namby-pamby, Waterish. harmless (noun)
dull, weak, kind, bland.
innocuous (noun)
innoxious, safe, insipid, uncontroversial, harmless, innocent, inoffensive, unobjectionable.

Other synonyms:

jejune, protective, preventable, Hurtless, avoidable, controllable, kind, Unoffensive. vapid, wishy-washy, washy, namby-pamby. secure, Waterish. watery. bland. sound. harmless
Other relevant words:
jejune, sound, inoffensive, secure, kind, unobjectionable, controllable, watery, Hurtless, weak, Unoffensive, preventable, Waterish, dull, good, insipid, innoxious, namby-pamby, safe, bland, wishy-washy, uncontroversial, protective, harmless, washy, vapid.

Usage examples for innocuous

  1. I felt like- like-" " Of course you did," interposed Susan, her face all sympathy, " a- sailin' under false premises like that, an' when you were perfectly innocuous too, of any sinfulness, an' was jest doing it for his best good an' peace of mind. – Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter
  2. He might have objected to their being written at all, but beyond that they were innocuous – New Faces by Myra Kelly